Batman: Arkham Origins

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Red Batarang, Minimal Red Suit, almost Red Lightning
Bloody face option

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Made this suit for my own playthrough. Wanted a modded costume for the original suit since I haven't unlocked New Game Plus. Something simple to be enjoyed.

This skin adds a deep red without overpowering the original design of Batman's suit for your first playthrough.
The blacks in the suit are darker overall.

Simple highlights for the mask.
Few red details including the Bat Symbol and forearms for the torso.
Almost no change for the legs. (Red threads behind knee).
Red electric gloves.

Optional no blood on face download
Optional no red electricity download
optional no red electricity and no blood on face download

*4 download options available depending whether you want the lightning or the face included, pick whichever you desire, but I recommend the full pack (main download)

Adds a deep red to the Batarang, Remote Batarang, and Sonic Batarang.
Original textures included so you can edit/build your own package if desired.
Separate Download.

Use Texmod

Example pictures will only show the Red Suit_Red Lighting_Bloodied Face option (given that the others opt for the original textures)

I only have one texture for each batarang, so after it is thrown / after a certain distance, the red disapears to black. Not like this matters cuz you can't see the dang thing anyway. For a visible explanation, go to Batman's character trophy and move in and out on the batarang.

Not gonna lie, the red lightning doesn't look as good as it should, but I couldn't find all the lightning textures so some blue lightning is still visible on the arm. Red is still a nice touch. If someone does find the textures to make the electricity completely red, feel free to drop it in for the community (and I) to use.

Bug (not really since it's intentional), the red bloom texture can be seen on other lighting/ambient objects (if it happens to use this texture, there's plenty of others) that have used it if noticed.

*I made the mistake of using the word lightning instead of electricity  throughout this mod page.