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Visual Overhaul for the Arkham Knight ( Red Hood DLC & Playable Arkham Knight Compatible) for use with Resorep.

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Thankyou for your interest in my mod!
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This mod is a visual overhaul of the textures used by the Arkham Knight character.
Care has been taken to retain as much detail as possible from the original textures.
These changes apply across all instances of the Arkham Knight in the game.
This Includes the Red Hood DLC Skin and the Arkham Knight for Batman Skin by caplag.

Changes Include:

Custom Mask Designs & Visual Effects applied via SFX & Emission Textures (6 Variants) 
- Faux Blue Crystals applied via Diffuse Textures
- Black Tactical Camouflage applied via Diffuse Textures
- Dirt & Damage applied via Specular Map & Normal Map Textures

Please ensure you have your Texture Resolution set to High in the Graphics Settings.
To use the skin, install Resorep and put the downloaded textures directly  into the modded folder.
A helpful instructional video for installing Resorep and Textures can be found here:

Arkham Knight for Batman Skin by caplag
Download and Installation in the Video Description:

Masks are available as Standalone Files if you are interested in changing the mask, or don't want the changes to the body.
To change masks, simply replace the textures in the modded folder with those from the Mask that you prefer.

Due to how the mask functions on a technical level I am unable to change the colors apart from stacking blue to make lighter and brighter blue, or stacking red to make light and brighter pink. If you would like to see a different general design implemented, or various effects moved to different places, that's fine!
However to reiterate, changing the color is not an option; I would have taken a very different approach if it were.