Batman: Arkham Knight
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  1. Deadspace988
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    How do you create a custom moveset for all characters? Like when you can use batgirls movesets with anyone. I want to create a Harley Quinn mod where you can use her moveset in the campaign. And I can use your other mod to use her mesh, so I can play through the entire game as harley quinn but with batmans gadgets.
    1. kalunbr013
      • member
      • 163 posts
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      This really is a mod that can be done, but there are issues such as:

      Your baseball bat would be invisible once played with Batman, because it is currently not possible to add other gadgets to it.

      Harley's and Catwoman's walks prevent Batman from walking in a crouch, he just stands still in a crouch, which prevents him from advancing in the campaign. For female characters, only Batgirl's walking animation works on Batman.

      Stealth animations of any character hardly work in Batman.

      There are also other factors in creating a moveset that need attention to avoid bugs.
  2. Joeygraz33
    • member
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    I have a request... I'm trying to give play a matter of family dlc with batman is there anyway to give batman all of his gadgets? Like is the com command? 
  3. tahril
    • member
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    This works great! Some of the Catwoman(?) animations look a little odd on Batman, but compared to the rest of this, it's not an issue. Overall, damned fine work!
  4. Dreadking
    • member
    • 5 posts
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    Dude thanks a lot for this mod!

    My wish has been granted. I am ready to go and have no regrets. but first I must spend 9999 hours playing this awesome mod so hold on a little Mr. Grim reaper.

    Thanks again friend.