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This is an all new version of my mod "Arkham Knight Console Cheats:" that works as DLC and does not require any console unlocker or any console.txt file to use.

Permissions and credits
-This is an all new version of my mod "Arkham Knight Console Cheats" that works as DLC!!!
-This mod does not require any "CONSOLE.txt or Console Unlocker"!!!
-This mod does not overwrite or replace any files!!!
-Under no circumstances is anyone allowed to edit my mod, re-upload my mod to this site and claim it as their own or upload my mod to any other site!!!

How To Install:
-Extract the "Arkham Knight Console Cheats Trainer.7z" with "7Zip".
-Inside the "Arkham Knight Console Cheats Trainer.7z" file will be a "DLC" folder and a "Read Me.txt" file.
-Copy the "DLC" folder and paste it into your "Batman Arkham Knight" folder (C or D:\SteamLibrary\steamapps\common\Batman Arkham Knight)...

How To Use the "Console Cheats Trainer":
"Hotkeys are F1-F7" "NumPad1-NumPad9"
"After pressing each hotkey the game's autosave icon will appear, indicating that the cheats have been activated"
"To disable cheats quit and reload game"

Trainer Hotkeys: "F1-F7" "NumPad1-NumPad9"

F1:  Godmode/Invincibility

F2: Super Powered, Shockwave When Calling Batmobile, Unlimited Freeflow Combat, Instant Combat Takedowns, One Hit Batarangs & Punch Through Explodable Walls

F3: Gunmen Think Their Guns Are Jammed, Double Gun Jammer, Jam All Predator Gun Boxes, unlimited Voice Synthesizer, Infinite Disruptor Ammo, Inactive Mines, Pauses timer on building turrets (Timer pauses at 3 seconds), Destroys all spinning turrets, Disable sentry guns, Disables Medic Revives & Disables Detective Mode Detectors

F4: Extra Batclaw Range, Extra Grapple Height & Max Glide Speed

F5: Unlimited Smoke Bombs, Use Gadgets While in Vents, Use Gadgets While on vantage Points, Use Lookout Camera On Grates, Detective mode does not come on while dropping Smoke Pellet

F6: Infinite Batmobile Boost & Unlimited Batmobile Secondary Weapons

F7: Player is Invisible to Tanks,/Tanks Become Hacked (Does Not Work on Dragon Tanks), Tanks explode when trying to shoot player,  No Cobra Tank Detection

NumPad1: Remove Partial PostProcessing

Numpad2: Restore Partial PostProcessing

NumPad3: Add 999 Upgrade Points

NumPad4: Turn Off Level up Notifications 

NumPad5: Show all map icons

NumPad6: Toggle HUD Off

Remove Strike Trails & Hit Effects

NumPad8: Super Rain (Must be entered on “Continue Game” screen) Exit Game to Disable Command

NumPad9: Disable Rain