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enhances the mining and metal industries. Iron is now smelted from Iron Ore. Copper Ore is available as an early-use resource. Includes over 50 added resources, and more than 40 buildings + many decorations & variants. this is a BETA version, and as such may be unstable.

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beta v.04 of DS Industry Mining

29th August, 2019
In this new update to DS Industry Mining, I have introduced Tin Ore onto the map, Bronze Bloomery Smelters and
Bronze Tools make it a more attractive early game tool until you get
your iron mines and smelters operating.

Once again there have been numerous changes in production and the economy, see the change log for all the details. Overall it will be a harder experience for some players than the last version.

There is also the new additions of a single Wood Chopper for firewood, a Placer Mine for Tin Ore and Gold
mining along waterways. Also a Tinsmith to make Tinware which, along
with Pottery or Glassware is now required for the production of all the

I’ve added 5 new start conditions giving different challenges, and some a jump-start into the industries. Two more
monuments to give Spiritual and Safety happiness to your citizens.