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A Timber Mill to process Logs into Lumber or Firewood. Pine & Birch foresters, also includes decorative stone & timber wharf pieces, plus more.

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it was called DS Lumber Mill, but after a name change, a UI face-lift and a few other goodies added,
it is now known as:

DSTimber Mill
as of v2.2, the mod is named: DSTimberMill.pkm - do not use with DSLumberMill.pkm

  • Timber Mill - produces Timber from Logs (2 log for 4-5 timber), or firewood (1 logs or 2 timber = 6 firewood), employs 2 woodcutters | workrequired=2 time=5.2
    • Timber Saw-Mill - upgrade of Timber Mill, employs 3 woodcutters | workrequired=2 time=4.2
  • Timber Mill Pine Forester - forester that plants pine trees only, slightly quicker maturity than vanilla (36months), less spawned foods than vanilla
  • Timber Mill Birch Forester - forester that plants birch trees only, slightly quicker maturity than vanilla
  • (38months), less spawned foods than vanilla, but more than pine forester
  • Timber Storage Pile - building materials storage flag (custom5) | footprint 1x1 | capacity 300 weight
  • 1x2 & 2x2 Log Storage Piles - wood storage flag | footprint 1x2/2x2 | capacity 600/1200 weight
  • ghosted Timber & Log Storage Piles - ghosted versions of the above, all at ground level, they are purely for decoration, you must delete via objects UI
  • modular Timber Mill Wharf - 1x1, 1x2, 2x2, 4x2, corners and angles | 2 texture variants, now split into separate toolbar menus
  • Timber - resource, used in construction, also known as Lumber (RawMaterialLumber.rsc) | flagged as building material (custom5) resource flag limit
  • Iron Fittings - resource, used in construction | flagged as Metals, Alloys & Forged (custom1) resource flag limit

all buildings (timber mill, foresters & storage places) have a reworked UI,
and now have an included info tab to give you some building & resource information in-game:

v2.1  limits are now in a tab:

all deco pieces now have a demolish/remove button in UI: