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Market wagons for your town.

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DS Wagon Vendor - v2.2


New in v2:

- 'Wagon Parts' are now a required construction part for the market wagons. It costs 2
wagon parts + 9 work to make/unpack all the wagons. Wagon Parts cost 5
logs + 2 iron to produce 1-2 parts, value 18 each, storage flag of
Construction (Custom5).

**the mod contains files that include and alter the Village Workshop originally included in DSSV:
Production, place this mod above in mod list to allow production of
wagon parts at this workplace. - removed this in v2.1

See change log below for V2.2 changes.
Added in v2.1 - A small 2x2 Wagon Workshop - a small workshop to make Wagon Parts & Iron Tools

- The Wagon Vendor is now called 'General Market Vendor'
          -- 3 F-key variants.
          -- 3000 capacity.
          -- employs 1-3 Vendors.
          -- stocks: All Foods (edibles & non-edibles), Health, Tools, Clothing & Crafted (Custom0).
          -- radius: 34.

- 'Fuel Market Vendor'
          -- 2000 capacity.
          -- employs 1-2 Vendors.
          -- stocks: Fuel & Industrial Fuel (Custom3).
          -- radius: 21.

- 'Materials Market Vendor'
          -- 2000 capacity.
          -- employs 1-2 Vendors.
          -- stocks: Wood, Materials (Custom4) & Construction Materials (Custom5).
          -- radius: 21.

- 'MIS Market Vendor' (aka "Minerals, Iron & Stone Market Vendor")
          -- 2000 capacity.
          -- employs 1-2 Vendors.
          -- stocks: Minerals (CoalFuel), Iron & Stone.
          -- radius: 21.


*All wagons are road-build-able, and as such can not be deleted via the remove buildings tool.
To delete, click on the wagon and just to the left of the 'work' button, click 'Pack-up the wagon' to remove the wagon.

*Because the markets are road-build-able, citizens will also walk through the wagons.