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Adds a mine and quarry that will produce stone, iron, and coal at random.

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It never made sense to me that I could only find one kind of resource at a time in the mine and quarry. This mod addresses that.

This mod adds a modified version of the quarry and mine to you game, named 'Multi-Mine' and 'Multi-Quarry'.

These modified buildings can each extract iron, coal, and stone, and will pick one at random each time they deliver. This not only allows you to extract everything you need from one building, but allows you to collect all types without having to change the drop down box. You could say they allow you to mine 'all' resources in one place, without micromanagement.

The mine and quarry will stop if stone, iron, or coal resource limits are hit. This behavior is not something I can change, it appears to be hard-coded in game. I cannot for instance have it stop producing only coal if the coal limit is hit.

The mine produces resources at random, this behavior appears to also be hard-coded into the game, I cannot make it cycle through or guarentee an equal distribution of resources. In that way, I suppose it is like a real mine. To get at the ore behind something else, you must first remove that something else. The difference is that everything that comes out of this mine is at least useful and not just waste materials.

The original versions are still available in case you need a specific resource.

If you would prefer a limitless version that can be removed, try out One Stop All Mining available in the files.

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