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v1.2 - Adds a collection of modular fence components, as well as decorations that can be built in your town.

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DS Fences and Decorations

v1.3 -  25 Dec 2017

 - Log Fence (4 color variations)
 - Horse Fence (2 color variations)
 - Country Stone Wall
 - Brushwood Fence
 - Town Stone Wall (2 color variations)
 - Village Stone Wall
 - Modular Fence components (2 styles)
 - Decorations: Crates, Barrels, Wagons, Ladders, Lanterns, Posts

F-key for variants on most of the components (fences and decorations). I am too lazy to create all the toolbar icons (this will be changed in a future version.

v1.3 - change to new toolbar location within DS toolbar, icon changes and file name changes and locations to DSSV fence.

added in v1.2:
added T-pieces & cross-pieces to the log fence menu. Also roadbound variants.
added new Village Stone Wall (this was a fence that didn't make it into DSSV).

added in v1.1 / v1.11:

Log Fence

Horse Fence

Country Stone Wall

Brushwood Fence:

Town Stone Wall:


*some gates, fences and decorations can only be demolished by upgrading first through the UI box, others allow direct demolish from the UI.

visit the forum page here.

Download .zip file
Extract the .pkm file (Right-Click on .zip file, Extract All...)
Move DSFences.pkm file to your Banished/WinData folder
Enable DSFences in the Banished Mod Menu (Main Menu/Game Pause Menu)
Should not matter where on the loads order, no conflicts with other mods.