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Adds a bunch of different terrain to the game.

Permissions and credits
This mod adds a bunch of terrain types that some are practical and some are just funny. This mod also adds 3 more map sizes Micro, Tiny, and Huge (although not compatible with other mods). Some of the terrain types like the "More Rivers" terrain types cause a significant increase in load time and the large map has taken ten minutes while testing in debug mode. In the future there will be more added but for this mod it will only be terrain. Any future mods that I make for banished will be linked here. If you have any problems or suggestions comment here or email me at [email protected] and I will read all emails (probably). Keep in mind the limitations of the current modkit when making suggestions please. For instance I can't make it to where there are no rivers (minimum of 1), I can't change any mechanics of the game significantly nor the terrain generation. Thanks for downloading and enjoy the extra terrains!



Terrain Types Included:

Flat - Its a flat terrain that only has one river running through it. Sometimes there is a corner that has a mountain on it but other than that its completely flat.

Flat With Water - Just like the Flat terrain only it has more rivers and has lakes.

Big Lake - It has one big lake. Often the large map will make errors with the water textures (as you can see below), I will try to find a way to fix that for a future update.

Many Lakes - This terrain has some mountains and has a bunch of smaller lakes, often overlapping.

Valleys With Extra Rivers - The Valleys terrain except it has more rivers. This one takes a long time to generate and doesn't always have a lot of rivers (bug with Banished I think).

Mountains With Extra Rivers - Same thing as Valleys With Extra Rivers except it is mostly the same as the Mountains terrain.

Map Sizes

Pictures for reference

-Size 128 "units".
-So small there are graphical errors on edge of map.
-Some terrains don't work well with it but flat terrains do.

-Size 192 "units"
-Slightly larger than micro and doesn't have graphical errors
-Some terrains still don't work with this size.

-Size 768 "units"
-as far as I know it is the largest maps can get without crashing
-can cause lag
-Big lake is the only one that seems to have problems with this one (same problem as large size)

How To Install
1. Download the .pkm above
2. Go to your Banished file location, should look something like this ..\SteamLibrary\SteamApps\common\Banished
3. Put the .pkm in the WinData folder
4. Make sure you are signed up for the Banished beta through steam or that you downloaded the beta update from the banished website
5. In the main menu click on mods and make sure "Cooper's Terrain Pack" is highlighted green and it says "Enabled" to the right of the description
6. If there isn't any extra options for terrains when making a new world, try disabling it and re-enabling it

This will not work with any other terrain or terrain size mod, if you want another terrain mod, make sure only one is enabled. This mod will not work if multiple terrain mods are enabled.

Add more terrains
Fix some terrains(like Big Lake)
(comment or email me so I can make this list longer)

Files Included:


Files Included in Source:

- bin
- Dialog
- - CTPStringTable.rsc
- - StringTable.rsc
- Game
- - Terrain
- - - CTPBigLake.rsc
- - - CTPFlat.rsc
- - - CTPFlatWater.rsc
- - - CTPMoreLakes.rsc
- - - CTPMountainRivers.rsc
- - - CTPMountains.rsc
- - - CTPValleyRivers.rsc
- - - CTPValleys.rsc
- - - TerrainList.rsc
- icon.png
- Package.rsc

V1 - Initial release
V2 - *Added map sizes
*fixed flat map making mountains at corners

Older Versions: