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A complete gameplay expansion with a colonial theme. A new adventure with all new content. Now with extra llama,

Permissions and credits
Visit us online at Colonial Charter for official support and to offer feedback and ideas

NEW GAMES ONLY: CC: Curse of the Golden Llama does require a new game.

To see what's new and changed, visit us online and view this page at Colonial charter

Mod Compatibility List:

For a rundown of mods that are compatible with Colonial Charter (and how to make them so if not), view Colonial Charter Mod Compatibility. This list is a work in progress and we try to maintain it as best we can.

Compatibility & Important information:
- We recommend you first get the feel of this mod by using it standalone, as it is so big. However, provided that you know how to use the in game mod load order then this mod is compatible with many mods we tested; even when they show up as 'red' for conflicts - 'red' often just means 'over-ride'

- The example mods have been added in. This includes Leghorns, Lettuce, Fig trees and Apiary. Thank you to ShiningRock Software for these mods. (no, we didn't include those in our list of new things).

- Crash Troubleshooting: Activate the mod and any others you want, then exit the game. Your game should then work properly the next time you play. Visit  Colonial Charter for full support.

- Directly Replaces or Incorporates: LotsOfSeeds, Town & Textiles, New Tailor Clothes, Llama Mod, Complete Trade Fix, Tavern Enhancement, Little Chapel, Root Cellar, Watermill, Decorative Items, Creamery, Grain Silo, Balance Apiary, Apiary with Mead/Pumpkin Ale, Specialized Stockpiles, MrFlopsies Bridge.

- Includes same or similar features as: Flatten Terrain Tool, Better Fields, Faster Roads

Welcome to the world of Colonial Charter

You are a disgraced European Noble - now Colonial Governor, shipped off to the uncharted heathen lands across the Ocean by Royal Decree. Arriving at your "colony", you realize that your country (expecting your failure) has only managed to recruit a few families on a single ship with some potatoes, clothing, and tools. Ensure the survival of your country's citizens by quickly getting your agricultural and resource production up to speed - Can you turn things around while combating the harsh winter, unknown diseases, natural disasters, and lack of food to make your colonial venture successful? Or will you join the list of other failed colonies, their remains now only an archaeological curiosity?
In Curse of the Golden Llama you'll mine the depths of the New World's riches, and explore for mysterious lucrative artifacts. You'll build new buildings with an even more advanced construction progression. You'll raise horses and farm oysters, and harvest hardwoods and make all-new items and building materials. You might find a pearl, or mint coinage and trade for other rare materials from around the globe. The BlackLiquid team will continue to release updates and optional add-ons to expand the Colonial Charter universe even farther, giving you an all-new game experience within Banished.
Will you survive, your Excellency? Or will search parties find nothing left of your settlement but broken pots and bones?

Some helpful information for this version:

- Convert house fuels such as firewood, charcoal and firebundles into Furnace Fuel at the Fuel Refinery.

- There is an economy run off of coins known as Silver Pfennig and Gold Guilder. These provide some neat opportunities, however you can avoid using this system if you really wish.

- The picture on a constructed Precious Mine tells you how much of each resource is mined on average (more silver than gold, more gold than rough gemstones)

- There are now more decorative trees than you can poke a stick at (pun intended). We will be adding full leaf animations and effects in a future version.

- Many of the advanced buildings, especially homes, require combining multiple items into Kit format.

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Copyright 2015 BlackLiquidTeam (ShockPuppet, Kralyerg, Brokenspectre, Gix, SavageBeatings). This item is not authorized for posting on Nexusmods, Steam, or elsewhere except by the BlackLiquid team members.

Custom Artwork of His Excellency Governor Nathaniel Alpacington riding upon the intrepid Llama "Wade" copyright by SavageBeatings 2015. Check out his Deviant Art.

A big thank you to our extended team and our friends, and to creators that have kindly shared. Special mentions to: 
OwlChemist, Rageingnonsense, RedKetchup, Delver, Paeng, MrFlopsie, WatersMoon112, Vrayna, Mystitsu, Shannon... (and if I missed your name sorry not on purpose! :) )