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This mod slightly tweaks the amount of food citizens use per year and slightly lowers the length of time that students remain in school.

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It has always seemed to me that the citizens just use up way more food than they should. So far this has been tested with a population of around 50-60 and the food was still a concern, but 10 more people (going from 30-40 people to 50-60) has not caused sudden mass starvation (yet). So I think it's working as intended. (I hope!)

Lowered food per year from 100 down to 76.
Above ^^ Updated in 1.1 76 regularly gave a closer range to 75 than 75 did, go figure. Range was from around 66-77 food per year per citizen.

Lowered children's time in school from 3 down to 2.

This mod is working without any obvious errors. This mod needs more testing to be sure that it functions as intended. So far it seems to be doing what it should. Some adjustments may still need to be made (up or down). Comments are welcome!

Does not clash with the following mods: Adam & Eve, Better Fishing, Better Schools, CC: Maple Harpoon, Huge Terrain, Better Harvesting, Storage Shed, Faster Roads, Unlimited Mines & Quarries.