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This mod increases production at Fishing Docks by 50%.

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This mod increases production at Fishing Docks by 50%.
Changes fish raw materials from 5 lowcreatecount and 7 highcreatecount, to 7 and 11.
Also adds the type "Grain" to fish so that eating fish is healthier.

I always wanted Fishing Docks to be able to sustain a population better
than the default.  Default Fishing Docks are usually best used for when
you have access laborers and could use a little bit more food. 

This should make fishing village more viable and just being able to use
docks early on.  No more needing to build a dock on a small island to
efficiently gather enough fish.

V2 Grain added to type (type is now Protein and Grain)

I recommend using V1 as the grain change makes Fishing slightly OP in my opinion.  If your trying to live off of only Fish for some reason, than V2 might suit you in that regard.