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5 custom, low-poly, AG-Cars I made that started the entire AG-Car fad. Features full livery set and custom illum and reflection maps.

Permissions and credits

Take controll of one of 5 Race Ready AG-Cars, provided by 3 different manufacturers, each with their own handling models and liveries.

The Pack contains the 5 Original AG-Cars that started the current AG-Car craze, which are the following:

Marlin - Stampede: The first of the new AG-Cars, heavily inspired in general by 70s Muscle Cars, handles like Hyperion.

Wyvern - XR2020:   Wyvern made sport car, heavily based on the Jaguar XJ220, handles like the Wyvern MkII.

G-Tek - HBT10: G-Tek's AG-Car, nicknamed the "HitBit" by fans, overall inspired by japanese 90s cars, G-Tek Handling.

Marlin - Talladega:  Marlin's Talladega, heavily influenced by the Dodge Daytona and Pontiac GTO, uses Scorpio stats.

G-Tek - AG86:          Protonic & G-Tek's AG86, obviously just a demake of the Trueno, uses Protonic's stats to drift.

Unpack the folder "AG-Cars" from the Zip into your "MyShips" Folder inside of the BallisticNG Install directory

Mikado, Radracer and Pmar.Prj for playtesting all of these.

CheesePwnage for proofreading and adjusting the frontend descriptions.

UnclePeanuts, RadRacer and Wraith_Skyline for Providing the names for the cars.

The screenshots used on this page contain community made mod content, and I'd thought I'd do a shoutout to the Creators of these awesome mods!

Tracks featured in Screenshots in order of appearance are; "Autumn Ring Mini Reverse", "Trial Mountain Reverse", "Autumn Ring", "Special Stage Route 11", "Mt Akina Downhill", "Nitia Descent" and "Special Stage Route X"

Mt Akina Downhill was made by me and can be found here on the Nexus, in a Mega Trackpack on the Official Discord and the Workshop.

Nitia Descent was made by EnaiSiaion and can be found in a Track pack on the Official Discord and on the Workshop.

Autumn Ring, Trial Mountain and the Special Stages were made by RadRacer, and can be found in a Mega Trackpack on the Official Discord and on his Workshop Page. Getting them on the Discord however is heavily advised!

Custom Ships featured in the Screenshots are;

The Delorean DMC-15 made by Mikado, available here on the Nexus and the Workshop.

The Simpleton Compressor made by Vista, available in a Ship Pack on the Official Discord and on the Workshop.

The FCX70, SkyMax and C-Wag made by Wraith_Skyline, available here on the Nexus, in a Ship Pack on the Official Discord and on his Workshop Page.

The F5000 made by Naebowski, available for direct download on the Official Discord and on the Workshop.

All of these great mods were made by even better people, and I'd appreciate it if you would check them and their content out!