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A soundpack featuring nostalgic sound effects from across the Wipeout series, primarily HD Fury and Omega Collection.

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This soundpack is nearly fully featured with almost every possible sound effect in BallisticNG accounted for. It is mostly faithful to Wipeout HD Fury with a few hints of 2097/XL, 2048 and Omega Collection to sweeten the deal. The sounds are impactful and full of personality!

All sound effects belong to their respective creators from the original games:
Wipeout HD Fury - Majority of sound effects and voice lines
Wipeout 2097 / XL - checkpoint, weapon pick up sound, recovery drone
Wipeout 2048 - Weapon warning voice lines
Wipeout Omega Collection - Engine, Barrel roll, Turbo, Plasma fire, Cannon fire, Countdown voice lines
All 6 versions of the soundpack are the same except for the weapon warning voice lines.
Default uses voice lines from Wipeout HD as warnings, and the others use team specific voice lines from Wipeout 2048 instead.

place the folders included into User > Mods > Sounds
Once in-game go to Config > Audio > Mods and change the soundpack being used to the pack of your choosing.
Make sure custom sounds are switched "on"