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A custom campaign that takes a look at various tracks from all around Steam Workshop. Custom Ships are enabled.

Permissions and credits
This campaign consists of 111 events spanned over 10 major sections and over 15 tracks from the workshop.  Custom modes are also necessary so be sure to grab them from the OFFICIAL DISCORD.

-Kyratech Tracks (Infinity Spear, Harvest Bastion)
-Evydaemon Tracks (Parashant)
-Shroomologist Tracks (Cobblestone, Abisko, Môr-ladron, Red Bull Raceway, Fort Tristan Short, Fort Tristan Full)
-Enai Saion Tracks (Tsagaan Park, Beltane, Vulcan's Forge, Nitia Descent)
-Kabelsalat Tracks (BoneZone, Selvaverde, Mega Expressway)
-Radracer256 Tracks (Ebola, Kekka Raceway)
-Wraith Skyline Tracks (Virgo, Vapordome, HundsheiBe Mines, Moltocaldo Desert)

Tracks can either be obtained through workshop or from the track packs on the official Discord here OFFICIAL DISCORD

-Radracers Mods 1.0RC1 (Rad's C# code mods for bng)
-Enai's Dominator Codemod

Codemods are available from their respective creators which are also available on the official Discord here OFFICIAL DISCORD