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Kikyo and her twin sister were training in their créche in the astral plane, when one day the savarsh told them to fight each other. To the death. It is normal under githyanki to do that so that only the strongest may survive. Yet Kikyo didnt actually want to this time, because she and her twin sister were really close and she knew that her sister Yuna was weaker than her. Her sister surrendered immidiately and so Kikyo had to kill her, because they still somewhat believed what their queen vlaakith told them about a githyankis purpose. Yet everything they learned was a lie and Kikyo realized that her sister died without purpose. So she went out to get revenge and free her people from the queens grip. The people dont ascend, they get eaten so that vlaakith can pursue true godhood. Mother Gith told the archdevil Tiamat to provide a dragon as her companion, which she can call upon should the need arise. She also became a draconic fire sorcerer, because she can use her dragons full might in battle and summon the fires of the hells since they are linked in soul and heart.

My headcanon of her and ascended Astarion:

One day, after a few months, a portal opens in front of him in the crimson palace after she went out to fight Vlaakith and Kikyo pops out of it, almost dead. Since she is his consort, he panics and does the only thing that can save her: he gives her more of his blood. Her wounds close and once she wakes up, she realized what he had done: he let her ascend. She gets new powers and they train together so she has an advantage against vlaakith in battle. She stays for a few months and one day, lays an egg. He promises to look after it until she returns and then she goes out again to fight vlaakith, being victorious! After a long time she returns home and the egg has hatched and they now have a daughter with white hair and red eyes. In memory of her twin sister, they named her Yuna.