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Gives "horn" section to other races than tiefling and adds hairs to them. Patch 5 compatible.

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Extra Hair Slot

Adds new hair section called "horns" to other races than tiefling.  You can now mashup 2 hairs together to create a new hairstyle.

Issues: Do not mashup two hairs with physics together, looks weird. 

Do not reupload this mod, not to other sites, not to discord servers!

This mod has some extra faces too, like Shadowhearts current face and few tiefling female heads added for half-elves etc (some might find use for them and they have always been included in this mod actually but I just failed to mention it, relics from my other modding shenanigans)

Use with Customizer for the best experience!
For Gnome hairs you will need Playable Gnomes (It seems like the gnome hairs do not work with the version of playable gnomes that was uploaded on 11/6/2020, with earlier version they work fine)
Install with Candor Mod ManagerBG3 Mod Manager or Vortex

I do also plan to add new hairs as beards but it has some issues that I need to look at first.

Thank you to
Padme4000 for helping with everything and adding extra slot for Dwarves, Halflings, Githyanki + Gnome (dudes!)
AlanaSP, for making Customizer mod, It also made it very easy to find hairs for each race/sex
Template and guide to Weapons and Armour modding by AnteMaxx, this helped lots with putting stuff to right folders
BG3 Modder's Multitool by Shinyhobo