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Cunning Action is now a passive that changes the resource cost dynamically. Also covers Ranger and Monk.

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Cunning Action is now a passive that changes the resource cost of Hide, Dash and Disengage dynamically. This retains the hotkey for hide.


Hide, Dash and Disengage cost a Bonus Action by default and an Action if you're out of Bonus Actions. It's possible to toggle the passive off to revert the behavior. Hide with Ranger Gloom Stalker and Monk Way of Shadow is also supported.

Added with the Compatibility Framework. It removes the spells and adds a passive with toggle at Rogue level 2, Ranger Gloom Stalker level 3 and Monk Way of Shadow level 3. Should be possible to install and uninstall without having to respec your character.


This mod works with Baldur's Gate 3 Mod Manager, and possibly Vortex and Manual Installations. BG3 Mod Managers is by far the simplest method, and as such is recommended one.

BG3 Mod Manager
  • Download the latest release, and unzip the .pak file.
  • Open BG3 Mod Manager, click File->Import Mod.
  • Select the .pak.
  • Once imported, click refresh
  • Move the mod to above the CompatibilityFramework.
  • Hit "Save Load Order to File."

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Special thanks:
Norbyte for his work on the Script Extender.
NellsRelo & Rando for their work on CL and CF.