Baldur's Gate 3
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This is a mod that changes and saves the default rules for Custom Mode. These will also affect honor mode e.g. Hiding NPC Health ext.

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Credit goes to this mod for editing this first.

It really bothered me having to change the rules in Custom Mode twenty million times when starting new games. And now I finally figured out how to change it. This mod is just a file that has the Custom Mode default settings changed. You can totally change the settings after the fact, this just changes what the default values are. I probably won't make another version, just because there are too many options and combinations. It's pretty easy to change yourself though.

My set is as follows:

Single Save: OFF*
Enemy Aggression: TACTICIAN
Character Power: TACTICIAN
Enemy Loadouts: TACTICIAN
Additional Combat Mechanics: TACTICIAN
Proficiency Bonus: 0
Enemy Critical Hits: ON
No Death Saving Throws: OFF
Disable Free First Strikes: ON
Camp Cost Modifier: 3
Short Rest Full Heal: OFF
Trade Price Modifier: 2.5
Multi-Classing: ON
Always Prompt Reactions: OFF
Hide NPC Health: ON
Hide Failed Perception Rolls: ON
Preview Dialogue Check Difficulty Before Rolling: OFF
Hide Difficulty Class During Rolls: ON

The original mod let you toggle single save on/off, whereas default single save is locked in. I left this in there because I like it.