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Swaps hairstyles between genders, and adds unavailable/modified hairstyles. All done through mesh editing.

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This was the second BG3 mod I ever made, but I never got around to sharing it until now. I REALLY wanted one of the male hairs on my character, so I messed around with the models until I made it happen. Currently just the one style is available, but I'll try to do any requests for other styles. Still taking requests!

Note: These hairstyles only show up on the following races: Elf, Drow, Human, Half-Elf, and you can also use them on Tiefling if you're using Custom Character Enhancer. If you'd like one on another race, please make a request!

Update 11/7/2020: Changed mod name and overview to fit what this mod is evolving into. Added female style 23 to male characters, replacing male style 23. Added a modified version of one of the harpy hairstyles for female humanoid characters, replacing hairstyle 12.

Works great with Custom Character Enhancer!

Hair List:
Long Wavy - Male hairstyle for female characters, replaces female hairstyle 5
Short Wavy - Female hairstyle for male characters, replaces male hairstyle 23
Harpy Mashup - Harpy hairstyle for female characters, replaces female hairstyle 12

Installation Instructions:

Copy folder(s) included in the download into the Data folder found in your installation directory for Baldur's Gate 3. Then enjoy!