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UI "Dialogue Framework" is a mod designed to "improve dialogue" customisation and "increase transparency" into how UI mods work. I want to "improve the modding community" by making a UI configurable resource and "offer modding support" to a new generation of modders. Feel free to customise the framework and release your own amendments!

Permissions and credits
This mod replaces the previously available "ImprovedUI Dialogue" optional part of ImprovedUI. When installing this mod, you can remove ImprovedUI Dialogue and replace with this instead. It won't play nice with other mods that also change Dialogue UI.

What originally started off as a joke from a response to The Open Letter, became a lot of fun and I'm glad how it's turned out.

But Djmr, I DONT WANT to learn how to make my own mods/customisations!

That's fine! I've setup 5 presets you can choose from:

1. The ImprovedUI Dialogue preset

This one provides the same functionality as that old mod - hiding the bottom-left buttons if ATTACK or TRADE are not available.

2. The Larger Text preset

This one increases the Dialogue text size (and ONLY the Dialogue text size) with tweaks to the Dialogue UI for supporting a larger font size. (this is independent of the dialogue sizing settings)

3. The Hiding Buttons Larger Text preset

This one combines the previous two into one preset.

4. The Alt Colour and Border preset

This one has Larger Text, changes the text colour and adds a white border that makes black text readable.

5. The EVERYTHING preset

This one has everything - Hiding buttons, Larger Text, Alt Colour and Border all together.

These presets are installed in the same way as other UI mods - Download the preset you want, extract the .pak file and place into your mods folder - "%LocalAppData%\Larian Studios\Baldur's Gate 3\Mods" - no mod list entry required as they should sit happily in BG3MM's "Overrides" section.

But Djmr, I DO WANT to learn how to make my own mods/customisations!

That's fine! Let's get you started!

The changes made in these presets are handled in one file - DialogueFramework.xaml. The changes are clearly commented to understand what's going on:

Each preset's DialogueFramework.xaml file is available to download from the "Optional files" section, and please feel free to mess about with it!*
*"Mess about with it" does not mean that I can personally guarantee that your Dialogue UI doesn't break by any changes you make

For example - Want to make the text size larger? Just change the 88.0 to something higher (in both LargerTextSize and LargerTextLineHeight for spacing reasons) and you just need to add your customisation!

Customisation Instructions:
  • Install one of the provided presets, doesn't matter which.
  • Download one of the provided DialogueFramework.xaml files and make your changes within.
  • Navigate into your BG3 installation's "Data" folder. If you've installed the game via Steam to your C drive, it'll be something like "C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Baldurs Gate 3\Data"
  • Copy the zipped folder structure "Public\Game\GUI\Library" into this area. You may also want to make a note that you've done this!
  • Start the game. Your customisations will take effect, instead of the preset!

But Djmr, I WANT to make my own mods/customisations!

That's fine! You're exactly why I made this mod. Feel free to distribute your own customisations/presets - I only ask that you credit me as the original creator!

The Future - is up to you!

All the files will be added to GitHub too at some point.