Baldur's Gate 3
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Sets all your dice rolls to 1

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Made for a challenge run.

Your rolls are set to 1, enemies succeed on all saving throws you cause and you act last in combat. Karmic Dice need to be off.

Sets the following rolls your character make to 1
  • Attack rolls
  • Damage rolls
  • Skill checks
  • Ability checks
  • Saving Throws
Adds the following negative bonuses
  • Spell Save DC (-30)
  • Initiative (-30)
  • Death Saving Throws (-30)

Toggle-able passive that is given at level 1 to every class. Added with Compatibility Framework, retroactive if added mid playthrough.
Uninstall should be fine if toggled off. Be mindful of characters leaving the party since there is a status involved when toggled on. The status is now visible.

Known issues:
Healing spells are not affected.
Saving Throws made against your spells look off in the combat log.
A small amount of dialogs use a different status to prevent crashes, you'll have a negative bonus of -99 on those rolls instead (Saving Throw and Attack Rolls).

Notes on possible crashes:
Hopefully got all of them but if there are any they will most likely be tied to dialogue and easy to replicate.
Save often (and not in dialog in Honour mode) and toggle the passive off in those cases.

Special thanks:
Norbyte for his work on the Script Extender.
NellsRelo & Rando for their work on CL and CF.
simosas for encouraging me to fix the crashes, goes well with the Bruh mod.
Proxy Gate Tactician for the unusual idea. Link to his challenge run.