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Play a Monk, before Larian lets you! NOW SUPPORTS PATCH3, THANKS NORBYTE!

Includes 5 subclasses (Four Elements, Open Hand, Shadow, Long Death, and Sun Soul), a Custom Monk Tadpole Power, and a set of Monk's Robes and Boots.

Permissions and credits
This mod adds the monk class into the game, since Larian may take quite some time to release the official implementation.

This mod adds the monk class into the game, since Larian may take quite some time to release the official implementation. There was alot of underpinning in place for the monk, including a background tag, there are even a few dialogue options that reference you being a monk!

Like Larian themselves I ran into some trouble making perfectly faithful implementations of all of the monk abilities, so some artistic license was needed.

How to use this mod
Should be straight-forward. If its installed correctly, Monk will show up as a class option in the character creator when you start a new game. Ignore the "No Progression Description" errors in the class features list. The class abilities should work even with that error and I just havent been able to figure out how to add the description file it wants.

Implementation Notes

Monk Armor Bonus 
Works up through +6 bonus, each bonus point had to be added individually...

Monk Unarmed Strikes 
These are implemented as special abilities that you will have unlocked in your hotbar, since I could not override the ability used for damage in the core unarmed strike. Unarmed or with a Monk Weapon equipped, you will have a bonus action unarmed attack unlocked. If you are unarmed, you will have a base action unarmed unlocked. If you have a ranged weapon equipped AT ALL, neither will be available. Drop the bow, son.

Flurry of Blows
For some reason you only see the second attack in the combat log if it lands. It is happening.

Slow Fall
Implemented as 1/10 damage from falling. All the time. So a bit better then usual

Deflect Missiles
Ok... this ability is WAY too complicated. Since I cannot pause and prompt user input when a missile has been caught, instead I just copied the effect for the Reflective Shell ability. This may be too powerfull. Oh well...

Step of the Wind
Acts as a special jump action with 2x range that also grants dash

Open Hand Technique
Each Open Hand Technique option is its own variant of the Flurry of Blows action. When you get this, the base Flurry of Blows is removed, so it doesn't clog up your action bar even further.

Four Elements 

Elemental Attunement and Shape of Flowing River are not implementable.

Monastic Traditions
Five Monastic Traditions are available: Four Elements, Open Hand, Shadow, Long Death, and Sun Soul

Tadpole Power
Since Larian has not said what the monk ability will be, I had to make one up. Hope you like. If not, give me a suggestion for something better.

Another caveat, there is no way to override the stat used for melee attack/damage rolls with non-finesse weapons. So in order to allow monks to use their weapons correctly I was forced to alter all of the weapons on the Monk list to have the finesse attribute. This means everyone will get this benefit, not just monks. *shrug*

There will likely be bugs. Please help me by reporting them in the comments.

I can make no guarantee about compatibility with other mods, or with future updates to this mod. I tried to make everything
non-destructive, but I had to get a little creative with how I detect what is and isn't a Monk weapon, so anything that 
also overwrites the basic weapon stats for the weapons of the monk list might cause problems.

Also, I have never made a mod for any of Larian's games, so I have no idea what I am doing. Sorry if there is anything busted
when trying to use my mod. It works as far as I got... which was the very first room in tutorial where I did all of my testing.

Special Thanks To AnteMaxx for finding some good models to use for monk clothing!!!

This mod should probably work with Candor Mod Installer, but I don't use it. So I cannot say for sure. Let me know in the comments!

You may also install manually, placing the included .pak file in the `\Documents\Larian Studios\Baldur's Gate 3\Mods` folder

Then update your `\Documents\Larian Studios\Baldur's Gate 3\Profiles\[Profile Name]\modsettings.lsx` file:

<node id="ModOrder"/>
        <node id="Module">
            <attribute id="UUID" type="FixedString" value="86cb4057-0d59-467b-920c-849b3c76a3fd"/>
<node id="Mods">
<node id="ModuleShortDesc">
<attribute id="Folder" type="LSWString" value="Monk"/>
<attribute id="MD5" type="LSString" value=""/>
<attribute id="Name" type="FixedString" value="Monk"/>
<attribute id="UUID" type="FixedString" value="86cb4057-0d59-467b-920c-849b3c76a3fd"/>
<attribute id="Version" type="int32" value="1"/>