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Changes to stats of Dammon, the weaponsmith.

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The druids in the Emerald Grove suck, and it always gives me pleasure to kill those xenophobic brats. One problem though: Dammon. Dammon is an essential NPC to Karlach's storyline and... yeah... he sucks at fighting and yet he fights against the druids! One round and he is quite dead. Goodbye Karlach! 

This mod fixes... a little bit of that. It changes Dammon's stats from a commoner to a more fighter. His new stats are:

  • STR (12)
  • DEX (16)
  • CON (14)
  • INT (10)
  • WIS (10)
  • CHA (10)

Now he has 24HP (Balanced) or 31HP (Tactician)... I do not know how much on Honor (yet). If you do not see the new HP yet, switch temporarily from difficulty (unable with Custom and Honor, so you need to start a new game). 

Install the mod through BG3MM. It is, of course, incompatible with any other mod that changes Dammon's stats.

Mod Fixer is always a requirement.