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Enables steam & GOG achievement for Baldur's Gate 3 with mods.

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转载后请注明: 作者和致谢部分,出了问题请到原址检查是否更新,下载并重试,最后反馈到原址下的bug区域。

  • Source code | 源码:

This native plugin requires NativeModLoader which is now in its separate modpage. (no longer bundled for downloading)

Enables steam & GOG achievement for Baldur's Gate 3 with mods.

This version is marked as RC-2, as in Release Candidate 2. It's eager to be tested in various machines so any potential bugs could be addressed.

Install Native Mod Loader first. Then proceed with one of the following:

 Manual Install:

Extract BG3AchievementEnabler.dll from archive file into your game's bin\NativeMods folder 
.g steam path (this may vary):  "D:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Baldurs Gate 3\bin\NativeMods"

 Vortex Install (This mod cannot be installed via BG3MM):
  1. Download and Install this mod with Vortex.
  2. Click 'Install as Replacer', ignore error and continue.
  3. Double click this mod
  4. Select 'Engine Injector' in 'Mod Type' dropdown !! Important
  5. Click the 'Deploy Mods' button, or 'Deploy' in the notification

- 将 BG3AE 压缩文件解压缩到游戏安装目录下。
 "D:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Baldurs Gate 3\"
- (重要!) 确认mod文件在 Baldurs Gate 3\bin\NativeMods\ 文件夹内。

Thanks to WitherFox's awesome tutorial video!

- Within your game's bin\NativeMods\ folder: 
  - Delete `BG3_AchievementEnabler.dll`.

- 在游戏安装目录下 bin\NativeMods\ 文件夹内: 
  - 删除 `BG3_AchievementEnabler.dll`.

+ Works with GOG version?
 - *Giggles*. Yes.  Thanks to gaultreinx the kind , with their help and test, I could confirm GOG version works as well.

 + I get "Achievement Disabled" pop up in launcher/in game. 
 - Current version didn't bother removing the messages. It still functions.

 + Doesn't work
 - Check if installed correctly. Vortex users need to set the mod type as `Engine Injector` for automatic install. Manual install see above.

 + Still doesn't work
 - For existing save: the enabler is not retroactive. Meaning the missing achievements/some internally tracked complete achievements won't magically pop up when you load in. Newly fulfilled ones with enabler installed should work normally.
 - For new save: if you are certain the enabler is correctly installed, submit a bug report with the log file within bin\NativeMods\ folder, steps to reproduce the scenario, result achievement expected. Be thorough.

 + Future versions compatible?
 - Should work, until it fails. The enabler itself uses pattern scan, so unless Larian changed their code of achievement functions...

 + Virus
 - No.

 + Lame mod picture
 - I drew them in 5 seconds or less.

 + GOG版本
 - 起效。

 + 游戏内提示“成就已禁用”
 - 此插件当前版本并未移除该提示。功能正常生效。

 + 不起效
 - 检查是否正确安装。使用Vortex管理器安装时需要将mod类型设置为`Engine Injector`。手动安装参照如上指南。

 + 依然不起效
 - 旧存档:此插件并非追溯性。缺失的成就/一些内部追踪的成就并不会再次触发。安装此插件后新满足的成就应当正常运作。
 - 新存档:如果你确定启用器已经正确安装,那么提交一个bug报告,包含bin\NativeMods\文件夹内的日志文件,复现场景的步骤,期望的成就。请尽可能详细。

 + 游戏版本更新?
 - 如果没失效的话那就有效。此插件使用签名扫描,如果拉瑞安没有对成就相关代码进行更改...

 + 病毒
 - 只有好友特供版可以享受病毒.

 + 不准吐槽mod图片
 - 除非你给我画一个。

loads all native dll mods within bin\NativeMods\ folder. To get started developing a native dll plugin, see referencec to BG3 Plugin Template

The source code inherits and sustains the MIT License, but the binary upload is not.
Contact me before redistributing on other sites.

Credits | 致谢: 

Install Native Mod Loader first.
Install Native Mod Loader first.