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Aura of Hate applies to all allies, and damage bonus applies to all attacks.

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Changes Aura of Hate to apply its bonus to all allies (not just fiends & undead), and its damage bonus to all attacks.
(The tooltip defaults to showing damage type of the equipped weapon, but e.g. eldritch blast's bonus damage is still force, not slashing etc..)

What is an attack?:

This section is an excerpt from Dice rolls § Attack rolls.

Creatures make attack rolls when they attack a target, usually with a weapon or a spell.

If the result of the attack roll is equal to or higher than the target's Armour Class (AC), the attack hits, and the attacker rolls for damage. If the result is lower than the target's AC, the attack misses.

I.e. the bonus damage applies to e.g. Eldritch Blast, but not to Magic Missile or Fire Ball. It also applies to thrown, ranged and melee attacks