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This mod adds a ring called the Ring Of Minor Rituals that grants a player access to the Speak With Animals, Speak with Dead, Disguise Self, and Detect Thoughts spells for free.

Permissions and credits
This mod adds a new ring to the game called The Ring Of Minor Rituals that grants the following spells to the wearer as rituals:

  • Speak With Animals
  • Speak With Dead
  • Disguise Self
  • Detect Thoughts

As rituals, they can be used as many times per day as wanted outside of combat, and this version of Detect Thoughts has also had the Concentration requirement removed.
In order to get the ring, the player must buy it (for 2 gold) from the first trader NPC in the Druid Grove. You may have to take a long rest for the trader to add the ring to their inventory.

This mod requires the use of the Full Release Mod Fixer, and can be installed and used via the BG3 Mod Manager:

1. Install the Full Release Mod Fixer as per the instructions on  that mods page
2. Run the BG3 Mod Manager
3. Import the .pak file into the Mod Manager. Refresh the list of mods.
4. Drag the mod from the Inactive Column to the Active Column.
5. Save the mod order in the BG3 Mod Manager.