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Adds Bhaal as a selectable deity. Complete with cleric & paladin tags, Deity Tag Activator support, and even restored cut dialogue for Bhaalists!

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I've used Deity Tag Activator for a while now, and I always wanted to be able to select Bhaal as my deity on my Dark Urge playthroughs. While lostsoulman's lovely GodsExtra mod does add Bhaal as a selectable deity, I didn't really want all the other deities.

Thus, this mod was born. It simply adds Bhaal as a selectable deity. I made sure to get the tags working, including using the already existing Cleric of Bhaal, Paladin of Bhaal, and Bhaal Deity tags, which in turn restores Bhaal dialogue that was cut from the game!

I also made sure it works properly with Lightbloom's amazing Deity Tag Activator, so that any class can select Bhaal as a deity and still get the Bhaal specific dialogue!

  • I've renamed the "Cleric of Bhaal" and "Paladin of Bhaal" tags to simply "Bhaal," to match the behavior of Deity Tag Activator.
Known Issues:
  • You tell me!
  • Load after GodsExtra in order to overwrite its Bhaal deity with mine
  • Load after Deity Tag Activator to fix Bhaal dialogue tags appearing as [NOT FOUND]

Looking for a different standalone deity?
Here's a list of deities I've made/am currently working on:

This list isn't final, and will be expanded as I release/discover/investigate others.