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This mod has four options to extend the duration of the spell Hypnotic Pattern. In D&D 5e the standard spell lasts for up to a minute, so 10 rounds.

Permissions and credits
This mod gives four options for the duration of the Hypnotic condition for the Hypnotic Pattern spell, 4, 6, 8, and 10 turns. Please let me know if there are instances where the duration isn't affected by this change and I will try and update the mod to include those as optional files. For context, D&D 5e has the duration of Sleep set at 10 turns which I'll be using.

I installed this mod using Baldur's Gate 3 Mod Manager:
In order to install this mod using BG3MM: (Must install Full Release Mod Fixer first, following their install instructions)
  • Download the mod manually
  • Extract the mod to whichever folder you'd like
  • Place the .pak file into your BG3 Mods folder, located by typing %appdata%
    into your search bar then going to /Local/Larian Studios/Baldur's Gate
    3/ Mods
  • Open up BG3MM and if you don't see the mod on the right side under Inactive Mods, hit the refresh button right above it (if it's
    still not there the .pak file is in the wrong place)
  • Drag the mod from the Inactive Mods (right) side to the Active Mods (left) side
  • Click File and Export Order to Game (Ctrl + E)
  • Play Game
If you need it, there are pictures up top after the mod pictures that show where these things are.

If you're downloading with Vortex Mod Manager, I haven't tested it but
I've heard you can click Download With Manager instead of Download
Manually and the file should work. I'll try troubleshooting that once
the files uploaded.