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A simple Light Leather Armor and Camp Armor set, for all races and body types.

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What is this mod?

This mod adds a simple Leather styled light armour intended for Rangers/Scouts and other stealthy sorts. The armour supports all Vanilla races and body types, as well as support for Labotor's wonderful Satyr Race. It comes with an armour set with matching boots and gloves, and a camp variant with boots.

The armour comes in Common, Uncommon, Rare, and Very Rare variants with increasing stats that will hopefully allow the armour to be usable in your save as it is. They are purchased from merchants through out the game. If you are loading this into an existing save you may need to long rest before they appear in vendors.

Common Rarity

Armour - 11 AC +Dex
Boots + Gloves purely cosmetic

Uncommon Rarity

Armour - 12 AC +Dex - +1 to Stealth Checks
Gloves - +1 to Slight of Hand
Boots - +1 Athletics

Rare Rarity

Armour - 13 AC +Dex - +1 to Stealth Checks and Initiative
Gloves - +1 to Attack and Sleight of Hand
Boots - +1 Athletics and Dex Saving Throws

Very Rare Rarity

Armour - 14 AC +Dex - +1 to Stealth Checks, +2 Initiative, +1 Dex Saving Throws and Checks
Gloves - +1 Attack, +2 Sleight of Hand, Sets Dex score to 18 (same as gloves of dexterity)
Boots - +1 Athletics, +2 Dex Saving Throws, Refined Vaulting (Jump increased by 1.5m)

If you don't like the stats, then use Transmog I guess.

Where to acquire

The Common armour and camp set can be found in the tutorial chest.

In Act 1
Common and Uncommon variants are sold by Dammon and Arron.
Uncommon and Rare variants are sold by the Githyanki Quartermaster and Lady Esther.

In Act 2
Rare and Very Rare variants are sold by Dammon at Last Light, the Harper Quartermaster, and Lann Tarv at Moonrise.

In Act 3
Very Rare variants are sold by Danthelon

All the above vendors also sell the camp armour and boots.

Alternately, the UUID of all the items are contained under this spoiler, in case you would like to spawn them in yourself.


Camp Clothes - c506933d-bb95-4b19-9fae-0d5bb3b36702
Camp Boots - a2487254-35fc-4183-94d8-bc491cd5215c

Armour Common - f0bdaf73-4e38-463b-a454-5f2ce918b7e9
Armour Uncommon - ac2bc77a-99e9-4b11-89d0-58c74b2de03a
Armour Rare - 8eba8be6-5b9a-4fe8-84a9-b9c59c1b57db
Armour Very Rare - 8a6fc633-a3ed-4924-880f-e71553be1c40

Gloves Full Common - 7096e54f-72f6-4615-9428-0a3da302dddc
Gloves Full Uncommon - 652aaa2b-6a72-44f6-a25d-fac49e018560
Gloves Full Rare - 8810a37d-1614-4f19-8cf2-e62d2b61ae86
Gloves Full Very Rare - 1c2a4906-a171-4dae-b8a0-673d295477c3

Gloves Fingerless Common - 6db4511b-4561-4b78-9b4f-5ed32d1e2271
Gloves Fingerless Uncommon - 0916d1d1-4a5c-42b3-9854-b5d28de94bd4
Gloves Fingerless Rare - 34f963c8-b74d-4240-8964-df4b2a1d9a1b
Gloves Fingerless Very Rare - f95f76fa-5c5e-4130-90a3-db0d16227e4b

Boots Common - 3cac5854-89bb-4860-a76b-95cbbbe7d0d7
Boots Uncommon - 29568903-9619-4208-baf7-c5e373e5bdbb
Boots Rare - 874f8d23-a58f-45fb-ac26-29a7c380af5d
Boots Very Rare - 728f0dab-d172-4703-84c8-293f07ebc3fc


There may be some clipping here and there, it's a lot of work to make 1 armour set for 16 different bodies, I think I have eliminated most of the obvious clipping areas but if you spot anything nasty please let me know and I will see what I can do. It is impossible for me to thoroughly test every single model.


Install with BG3MM, drop the PAK file into your mods folder and drag into your active mods.

Special Thanks

Thank you to sakusakus who provided me with a template file to help me set up this armour.
As always thank you to the folks of the Down By The River discord for your support.