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Dive Deeper into the Dark Arts with the Expanded Blood Hunter Class!

Featuring the full development of the hauntingly powerful Profane Soul subclass up to level 12!

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Commissions are now open if you have a mod idea you've always wanted send me a private message here or on the Larian Discord (Bernos is my
discord name)!

Author note: Fallen on hard times and would appreciate any support you can give. Happy to work on mods for BG3,
Elden Ring, Minecraft, or Stellaris.



Levels 13 - 20 have initial implementation!
Class is now Wisdom Scaling!
Profane Soul now has improved war magic for a level 11 feature! (only deviation from the original creation so far)
Great Old One Patron ability has been fixed to correctly work in an AOE


Fleshing out the Blood Hunter Mod by WolfeTK! Adding the Profane Soul Subclass and the core class up to level 20. The other subclasses may not be fully finished by myself.

Key Features:
  • Complete Profane Soul Subclass (Levels 3-20): Explore deeper into the forbidden knowledge and dark magic with expanded abilities and features for the Profane Soul, offering unique and powerful options for your Blood Hunter character.
  • Pact of the Great Old One (3- 20)
  • Full Class Development to Level 20: Experience the Blood Hunter's journey from its mystic origins to the pinnacle of its power. New
    high-level abilities and features are carefully designed to  balance power and risk, staying true to the class's core themes.
  • Wisdom Scaling
In Development
  • More Pacts: Adding more pacts to the Profane Soul Subclass! Up Next:
    • Celestial
    • Genie
    • Revised/ new patrons (The other ones need some love)
  • More Blood Curses

    Changes from Original Bloodhunter/ Profane Soul:
    • Level 11 profane soul gets improved war magic instead of Brand of Castigation. I may bring brand of castigation in later.
    • Level 9 base blood hunter gets a bonus action in the form of a blood curse (like a bonus action haste) due to lack of implementable feature at this level. The OG doesn't work in BG3

    Load Order:
    Baldur's Gate 3 Community Library

    ImprovedUI ReleaseReady
    Blood Hunter Class - Lycan and Ghostslayer Subclasses
    Blood Hunter Expanded (Profane Soul)
    Compatibility Framework

    Please Endorse if you enjoy it!


    WolfeTK For his amazing work on the original Blood Hunter Mod

    Xhevo Creator of the Mystic mod who helped me a ton with learning how to mod. Without him this whole project would not have been possible.