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A visual overhaul for Withers, styled after his original concept art.

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What is this mod?


Just a small update but one I have wanted to do for a little while now!

Chest/arm bandages have been replaced with Withers old EA textures, with many thanks to labotor for finding them for me. I also found another small part of Withers concept outfit, the gold arm cuff, in the vanilla files, so this has now been added too! I have made some small adjustments to the weighting on the shoulder pads so they should be pointier.

There are now also 2 optional files: Vanilla Robe Colours and Vanilla Skin & Eye colours. These can both be used together if you truly only want the robe model changed, just load them after the main file!

This mod is a simple appearance edit for Withers, which makes him look more like his original concept art. His skin is now a more undead grey and his eyes are a glowing white, the colours of his robes have been adjusted to a darker purple and black, and his hood has been restored. I have also replaced his cape with a pair of cloth drapes that hang from his wrists, and I have also given him a manicure :)

There might be some minor clipping especially with the arm cloth (modded cloth physics are very tricky atm) but Withers doesn't really move around much so I don't think it should be much of an issue.


Me love Withers :)

How to install

Install with BG3MM. Just drop into your mods folder and add into your active mods.
Should work on in progress saves (I have tested)

To use any of the addon files just load them after the main file, the order shouldn't matter, they are both compatible with one another!

Special Thanks

Thank you to commanderstrawberry and sakusakus for helping me with some of my cloth issues.
Thank you to the lovely folks of the Down By The River discord for encouraging me as always.