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This mod adds the Voidborne class with three sub-classes all unique in their own right.

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I want to give a specail thanks to Xonnel Devlin,Nuion,VladmirFFXI,Gycicada,havsglimt,Celes,DiZ91891,Shivero,Xhevo, and whoever made the art for the thumbnail got it awhile back dont remember without these powerful pioneers this mod would have never happened.

 Are you a fan of jujutsu kaisen's Sakuna? oh boy do i have a mod for you!

this is my first upload to the nexsus ever so please be gentle.

my mod is also dependent on Vlad's grimore and Shivero'sVFX Library

You are a failure of all magical arts, you have done nothing to improve your skills with a sword. But you kept trying even when time and time again you failed you never gave up. then one day a group of neighboring bandits decided to pillage your village, you fell at the first sign of struggle barely putting up a fight. In your last breaths gasping for air you herd a whisper... a voice of darkness from a distant place far from your own "i CaN GIvE yOu wHAt YoU SeEk" and instantly you gave in giving more and more of your self to this.. presence until there was nothing left yet it kept taking and taking past the point of anything left to take, it reviled all to you and you wish you hadn't taken its offer and yet you seem far more powerful then the rest but at what cost. you stand back up an insatiable hunger in your mind and heart...

this mod adds the Voidborne class with three subclasses all unique in their own right. the classes use Wisdom and Chrisma as their primary stat

only level up 9 everything past that is just mad extra spell slots i haven't decided on spreading the levels out any more but this might change on feedback.

i'm fully aware of the bug with the tool tip i haven't been able to find a fix yet will update when i find one.
also i haven't figured out how to merge the warrlock slots like the normal warrlock if someone knows how to do this please pm me.
the slots now merge properly i want to thank codexz for teaching me how to do this.