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Visual tweaks for Karlach - mainly replaces her head with the scarred datamined one, plus additional options. Sequel to the Karlach Origin Unlocked mod since that one became defunct upon release.

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Hi all.

Edited the mod's name, image and page to reflect some recent criticism about it and what it might insinuate. Just to clarify; I am not taking this mod down. I stand by it. This mod and its concept has existed before Karlach ever got her current model in-game, and I don't think it's fair to ask me to take it down "because that's not how Karlach looks now" - this isn't enough of a reason, do not use the mod if you do not wish to.

I concede that my wording when describing her vanilla face might have caused some upset, in ways I initially didn't understand. This wasn't my intent. NEVER have I tried to imply that her East-Asian features are what made her "less cool" or inferior in any way (as I admittadly didn't realize this is what her ethnicity was intended to be), and I'm sorry that the way I spoke about the changes made to the face have made it come across that way. It didn't even cross my mind during this mod's existence that this is what people might pick up from it.

It goes too far when people insinuate that this mod exists for the nefarious and racist reasons of erasing these features, because it's just untrue. Karlach has looked like this in the past, and I simply bring it back. That's it. This isn't the same as waking up one day and deciding that, for example, Wyll, a character who's racial identity has remained the same and never in question, should be made white instead. I absolutely abhor content like this. I ask that you please don't inscribe malice where there is none. (Also important note: my mod isn't "whitewashing" either, as some may have claimed it to be, as the datamined Karlach's head is modeled after South-Asian features.)

The mod name and image were just a goofy nod to the Cooler Daniel meme, and were meant to be taken in jest - but I understand its connotations might be hurtful and have therefor changed it to something more generic. Also adjusted the main page description to reflect the change in tone. Again, I genuinely apologize for any hurt caused - intent or lack thereof does not negate harm.

All files have been updated + the Daisy option has been added! See the sticky note in Posts tab for details.

Please note that I am not creating equivalents of these optional mods for the vanilla Karlach head - don't try requesting them anyway. it's not what this mod is about nor do I have any real interesting in making them.


What is this mod?

Those that have kept up with Karlach's appearance throughout Early Access might already be aware why this mod exists - but for those in the dark; a quick summary is that a datamined version of Karlach was circulated around Patch of Early Access, which also included a new scarred and beefier bodytype (these were the assets I dug up and put together for my Karlach Origin Unlocked mod back in Patch 6). The body ended up introduced in Patch 7, but the head did not.

So this mod re-introduces said head (which is rigged to animate, unlike the one used in my earlier mod!), and I include some extra options for visual tweaks (head is also available in CC for use together with Appearance Edit).

There is an option where the vanilla head receives the same scars as the datamined one, for those interested in keeping her current features but want her body scars reflected in her face as well.


Optional files:

Note: Load the ones that change appearance after the main mod (not relevant for loose mods). The eyes and hair options aren't compatible with each other or the Daisy option. If you want a version that allows for a certain combination, please feel free to request it.

Extra Armor Options
Includes two sets of older datamined armor that were created for Karlach. To avoid as much breakage as I can leading up to the game's full release, her NPC doesn't have either equipped and they're only sold by the halfling trader in the Grove + Blurg in the Myconid Colony.

Extra Armor Options 
- Starting Equipment
Requires Extra Armor Options. Equips Karlach with the aforementioned armor when playing as Origin or when recruited upon new game.

Alternate Eyes
Replaces her eyes with a black sclera option.

Alternate Eyes (Flame)
Replaces her eyes with animated flame ones.

Alternate Hair

Replaces her hair with the dreads from earlier patches.

Alternate Hair + Alternate Eyes
By request. Replaces her hair with the dreads from earlier patches AND replaces her eyes with the black sclera option.

Alternate Hair
+ Alternate Eyes (Flame)
By request. Replaces her hair with the dreads from earlier patches AND replaces her eyes with the animated flame ones.

Karlach as Daisy
Replaces the femme Zariel Tiefling with Karlach. You have to re-select her colors manually as they default upon loading, just find the "Karlach" option under the eye/hair/skin colors.

Bonus: Scarred Vanilla Head
By request. Edited the textures of the vanilla head to include the scars from the datamined one. Doesn't work with any of the previously mentioned optional files.



Use whatever method preferred - modmanager or manual. For those that do it manually, use these:

Folder: value="KarlachReplacer"
Name: value="KarlachReplacer"
UUID: value="bf5fac82-884d-46cc-a83f-b53996961919"

Folder: value="KarlachReplacerOptionalArmor"
Name: value="KarlachReplacerOptionalArmor"
UUID: value="4feaa3fe-ec4b-49ab-b3b4-151c6d92bfe4"

Folder: value="KarlachReplacerOptionalEyes"
Name: value="KarlachReplacerOptionalEyes"
UUID: value="682a0540-24a8-4201-b121-ed262b0f936c"

Folder: value="KarlachReplacerOptionalEyesFlame"
Name: value="KarlachReplacerOptionalEyesFlame"
UUID: value="8222e354-7a78-43f5-bf56-11edf1b0c018"

Folder: value="KarlachReplacerOptionalHair"
Name: value="KarlachReplacerOptionalHair"
UUID: value="916b8546-9232-4977-a8bf-decde7977060"

Folder: value="KarlachReplacerOptionalArmorEQ"
Name: value="KarlachReplacerOptionalArmorEQ"
UUID: value="19b6faa9-f97a-4b6f-baec-667cf031f57b"

Folder: value="KarlachReplacerOptionalHairEyesFlame"
Name: value="KarlachReplacerOptionalHairEyesFlame"
UUID: value="c9b835f5-f3ef-4a56-8ba3-73cbe40d31d2"

For the Loose Head Replacer/Scarred Vanilla Head:
Drop the Generated folder into [YourDrive]\Steam\steamapps\common\Baldurs Gate 3\Data).
Uninstall by deleting these files again.


Some issues/bugs:

    • Scarred Vanilla Head: The scars had to be upscaled 2x in order to fit the vanilla head, so the quality might be a little less than ideal. It's not too noticeable in the scenes I tested it in though.
    • Spoiler:  


Future plans:

If Larian doesn't add the biker babe armor from Karlach MTG's card then I'd love to give recreating that a try :)


I hope you enjoy!