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5esque Lightning Arrow and Hail of Thorns rework. Adds Extra Attack, Dex modifier and Sharpshooter.

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Adds Extra attack, Dex modifier damage and Sharpshooter to Lightning Arrow and Hail of Thorns. Fixes missing Attack roll in combat log.

Lightning Arrow
  • Attack roll: 4d8+Dex Lightning Damage to the primary target
  • Dex save: 2d8 Lightning Damage to surrounding targets
  • Half damage on miss
  • Sharpshooter
  • Extra attack
  • Weapon effects e.g. Giantbreaker, Harold
  • Electrify water surfaces
Lightning Arrow replaces the weapon damage, it still gets accuracy bonuses from enchanted weapons etc. The explosion does not hit the main target.
I realize that there are several interpretations on how Lightning Arrow should work in 5E, I've settled on this.

Hail of Thorns
  • Extra attack
Both Spells
  • Chance to hit on mouse over based on the Attack roll instead of Dex save
  • Attack rolls appear in the Combat log
  • Range based on equipped weapon
18m or 15m for hand crossbow to be consistent with regular attacks and arrows.

Replaces base Lightning Arrow and Hail of Thorns. Up to rank 6 for each.
Sharpshooter changes can be compatible with other mods if the passive is still a Toggle and ToggleOnFunctors/ToggleOffFunctors aren't used. Make sure to load this after.

Implementation notes
Foregoes concentration and on next attack/hit from 5E. I felt like it made more sense in a tabletop setting. While testing the extra click and spell cast felt quite clunky, it's a slight bump in power at the trade of flexibility.
Might interact less favorably with items and effects that boost spells due to implementation. Open to look at cases that stand out but generally not.