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Armor rebalance and tweaks to make some of the weaker armors more viable and some of the extremely strong armors less extreme. Almost every unique armor got a change to its passive, change to its spells/actions, armor class tweaks, or all three.

Just like my Weapon Overhaul mod I will be trying to make this compatible with almost every

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Almost 400 Items were changed. Some items that were in Early Access but removed were added back in. Some items that were in the code but weren't in the game were given spawns. Over 250 custom passive tweaks and dozens of spell tweaks. 

To start and give players a heads up on the biggest changes.

Vow of Enmity: Can no longer be cast upon yourself to give yourself advantage on all attacks. Now must be targeted at other creatures. Reason being there are items that increase Channel Oath charges and the Vow of Enmity bug would be too strong.

Tavern Brawler: No longer applies a set damage on throw to damage immune objects. Now it just applies a Damage bonus that can be reduced by resistances and immunity (As it is written and intended). NOTE: Your damage will not decrease it just prevents you from being able to use it in unintentional ways. (Example, in the base game you could be facing a DC 30 Iron door with 100 hp and a ton of armor. The base game Tavern Brawler allows you to throw 20-25 sticks(yes literal sticks doesnt have to be anything great) and the door would be destroyed, now your damage does not decrease but you can't use the bugged interaction to break immune objects)

Exotic Material: No longer uncaps the AC Dexterity Cap. Now sets the Cap for that armor at 3 but can be increased to 5 if the wielder has the Medium Armor Master Feat. Reason being that the Exotic Material Passive was very one dimensional and only allowed 2 armors with it to be useful as they had the highest AC with it. Now other Exotic Armors should be overall more useful since they also got slight buffs in other areas to make them more useful in more utility roles.

The Goal of this mod is to bring most of the weaker and lesser used armored and accessories closer to their stronger counter parts.

My criteria for buffs, changes, or nerfs.

I have played through the game on Tactician 4 times. And as such if:
1. I used the armor/item in EVERY playthrough: it got looked at to see if it could be changed or nerfed in a unique way to keep the same feel to the item.
2. I used the item once or twice: It might get a slight change or unique tweak to make the item more versatile.
or 3. I NEVER used the item: It got looked at significantly to see if there was a passive or ability that it could be given to make it worthwhile. A perfect example was the Cerebral Armor in Act 3, by the time you find this armor you had to have passed 4-6 other options that were flat out better. And considering there are only 10 Unique Heavy Armors it was a real shame to never have a use for this armor, as such it got a ton of tweaks and changes.

Recommend a fresh playthrough as some items won't correctly update if downloading. 

If you ARE using an existing save note some items may not correctly update and would need to be respawned using an Item spawner.

This mod should be loaded BEFORE most other mods. 

Just note that any mod loaded after this one will have its Items take priority. So if you want a specific Armor Mod for the Dark Shadowheart questline it will overwrite the Dark Justiciar Armor in this mod.

If you enjoy this mod or are looking for changes to the weapons in Baldur's Gate. Head over to Vanilla Weapon Overhaul for a similar complete rebalance and retweak of the existing items in the game to make mid and end game builds more diverse.