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Increases the party limit to 16 members and multiplayer limit to 8 players!

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Important Information (READ ME):
  • Continuing existing saves with more than 4 players: You must start a new game set your party size and then load your main save to carry over the party limit.
  • Workaround for 5+ players: Sometimes only 5 players can join a lobby, this is probably a steam matchmaking issue and can be fixed by using lan mode with hamachi.
  • Grymforge Map transition: Reduce your party size to 4 members before sailing with the boat. If you already used it and your characters are stuck, dismiss the ones that are with you and sail back and forth to unstuck the rest. Note: After using the boat a timed quest is triggered and going to camp will progess it.
  • Some quest or important items aren't registered correctly if they are carried by a fifth or higher party member. So make sure your first 4 party members carry any important items.
  • Camp sleeping bug: Use one of the awake companions and talk to Lae'zel, use a camp chest or reduce your party size to 4 before resting.
  • Some ingame events are simply hardcoded for 4 party members and will glitch out. This is usually solved by either dismissing the additional members/players or by teleporting back and forth.
Installation (Script Extender version):
  • Download and setup Baldurs Gate 3 Mod Manager. (Vortex should work aswell but be sure to have script extender installed)
  • In the mod manager go to tools and select: Download & Install the script extender and hit yes.
  • Download Party Limit Begone and drop the zip file in to your mod manager window.
  • Now go to file and select: Reload all. Then drag and drop Party Limit Begone mod in your list from the right side to the left, to active mods.
  • Go to file again and select: Save Order. That's it! Enjoy the game.
Installation (Standalone version):
  • Download and unzip the standalone version.
  • Drag and drop the entire mods folder in to your baldurs gate 3 data folder. That's the game folder not the one in appdata.
  • That's it, enjoy the game! Note: Dismiss one party member if you already have 4, this will reset the party limit and set it to 16.
Multiplayer Patch Installation:
  • First follow one of the mod installations up above. Then download the multiplayer patch and unzip it.
  • Drag and drop either your bg3.exe or bg3_dx11.exe file onto the PartyLimitBegonePatcher.bat file. It will create a backup for you.
  • That's it! Enjoy the game. Note: bg3.exe is used if vulkan is selected in the larian launcher and bg_dx11.exe if directx is selected instead.
About Linux and Mac support:
  • Both the standalone and SE versions should work on linux and mac. As for the MP patch, it only works with the windows client so mac users have to use that one, the native mac client is not supported. Only the host needs to have the MP patch installed though! Asking a friend to share their patched exe file is the easiest solution. Otherwise you must edit the PartyLimitBegonePatcher.bat file with any text editor and change this line: Set "GetFileName=%~n1.exe" to something like Set "GetFileName=bg3.exe" then place your bg3.exe file next to it - in to the same folder and run the PartyLimitBegonePatcher.bat file with wine.

Quick installation video guide (Standalone version):

Uninstall Script Extender version:
  • Use your mod manager to uninstall the mod.
  • Enable your SE console either manually or in your mod manager.
  • Load up your save and run the following commands in the SE console to reset your party limit:
  • Osi.SetMaxPartySizeOverride(4)
Uninstall Standalone version:
  • Delete the Mods folder inside your Data folder, that's it.
Uninstall MP Patch:
  • Delete the patched exe file and restore your backup. The patcher creates a bg3.exe.backup (or bg3_dx11.exe.backup) file in your game folder, simply rename it back to bg3.exe. (or bg3_dx11.exe)

Credits to amlw from the BG3 discord for finding the hardcoded multiplayer bits and helping with it in general!

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