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Adds two music boxes into the game, that can be used to upgrade Phalar Aluve into a +2 VeryRare and then a +3 Legendary.

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  • Korean

Adds two unique Music Boxes that can be used to upgrade
Phalar Aluve.

First upgrade turns it into a Very Rare -grade weapon, second upgrade turns it into a Legendary weapon.

More Info:

Download File includes two folders:

  • PhalarAluveLegendary (base version)
  • PhalarAluveLegendary_radiant (has the weapon Thunder damage on hit, switched for Radiant damage)

Additional download option PhalarAluveLegendary SynergeticStrikes contains a version, that has "Synergetic Strikes" -ability added. See the spoiler for more info.


Very Rare and Legendary stats:

Retune ability:

Note on the Spell-Sword -ability

The bonus damage from Spellcasting Modifier is applied to all spells that are melee attacks, not just specifically Paladin Smites.


The singing-sword -abilities also gain new effects:

Very Rare:


How to Upgrade?

Upgrades are done by combining the unique Music Boxes you can find, with Phalar Aluve.

Before combining, unequip the sword!
The game has a bug where it can not properly handle transformation -type recipes for equipped items!

Music Box Locations


The first Music Box is found in the Shadow Cursed lands at the Ruined Battlefield in Act 2 in a "Traveller's Chest" in coordinates X:-34 Y:-12 along with the "Ring of Twilight". The chest itself is under a table behind some vases. See map image below.


The second Music Box is found in the "Reward Chest" in the Jungle of Chult", same as
Nyrulna. You can access the chest in Act 3 at the Circus of the Last Days, by stealing or bartering the Djinni Ring from Akabi, and then playing his wheel game.

Changes will work in an ongoing game WITH SOME NOTES BELOW!!!

If you have already entered the Shadow Cursed lands before installing this mod, the first Music Box will not spawn. In this case, use the "PhalarAluve - TutorialChest" -optional file to spawn the Music Boxes into the tutorial chest, and use the Tutorial Chest Summoning -mod to spawn the chest.

The second Music Box will spawn in the jungle reward chest, as long as you've not entered the jungle. Entering act 3 alone does not stop the Music Box from spawning. If you have already been to jungle and left, there is no way to re-enter it, in which case, get the optional plugin and the Tutorial Chest Summoning -mod.

If you need a guide on how to install mods for BG3, here's one.