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A color change and assemblage of various pieces of clothing to create an outfit that resembles Jedi clothing! Boots, Cloak, Hood and Robes! Comes with custom dyes (Jedi Robes Dye and Jedi Brown Dye) that have unlimited uses! Pick them up at your Tutorial chest in the Nautiloid or at merchants across Faerun.

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Are you a Star Wars fan that can't help but want to play as a Jedi (or Sith) in your Baldur's Gate 3 playthrough? Do you want your character to also look like one? Well look no further than this mod. This is a custom recoloring of various pieces of equipment found throughout the game that look like they could find a home in galaxy far far away.

If the clothes don't work, you can also play with the custom dyes created for this mod and color your own equipment. They have unlimited uses!

And for those who want to join the Darkside, check out my Vanta Black Dye mod, so you can color your robes to match.

You can pick up the equipment and dyes at the Nautiloid Tutorial chest (the room you get the rune key for Shadowheart), or at various merchants throughout Faerun (Grove, Last Light Inn, and Danthelon's Dancing Axe) .

This mod goes great with The Way of the Living Force mod by Jacobi16, a custom Jedi monk class. Check it out!