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Requirement for pak files that add to existing files instead of replacing them in a non destructive way, also provides additional options for mod authors and removes annoyances within the current UI.

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Taking over for AlanaSP due to availability concerns, we hope everyone likes this mod. Our hope is that we will eventually get these changes made natively to the UI to create a more modular experience for mod authors and users alike. This mod is an evolution of the AlanaSP's and my original IgnoreMessage mod and essentially does the same function as that but more. The goal with Improved UI is to open additional options for mod authors as well as fix random UI quirks.

State Machine
  • Overrides mod error message which appears from mods designed to support mod that add rather than override existing entries. This also results in fixing camera issues in character creation if error message is not closed in time.
  • UI Toggle buttons on CC, Dialogue, and Main Game.

Dialogue Screen
  • Removed giant early access text from dialogue screens, this we have found to be redundant and annoying, Early access text is still present and located under the minimap.

Character Level Up
  • Repositioned pretty much all elements to focus on subclass choice if available at the top followed by class specific unlocks. 
  • Separated class features into separate panel with divider for cleaner look.

Character Creation
  • Repositioned gender buttons on race selection screen to provide space for race mods and to prevent UI overlap.
  • Repositioned appearance panel due to margins not being inline with previous panels.
  • Unhooked deity selector from sub class selector, this means any class can now select a deity if a mod author sets HasGod function to true.
  • Added support for custom class default emblem. This means any class that is not listed will default to this emblem instead of being an empty space. If a mod author would like their own custom emblem support contact us via the Larian discord.

Due to recent changes in Nexus policies, we have moved file distribution solely to Github for the time being in an effort to opt out of their changes (considering they give us no choice), but have created this mod page to allow you to more easily find it. The latest release can be found here. The file here is an example file showing how to make a Candor compatible mod.

Whether you're new to new to modding, a veteran, or just want to data mine, try out the BG3 Modder's Multitool to quickly search through game assets, visualize 3D models, and create mod packs.