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This adds 3rd Party content I created by Converting a monster and cult I created in my homebrew games. Adding a lineage known as Numina to Faerûn. Numina is a magically modified humanoid that utilizes a Manicurgy Crux, an artificial heart that allows its wielder to dwell in the plane of numen without losing their sanity.

The cult of Numina crafted a Lineage capable of living in the plane of Numena. Harbingers of numen, or magic by those who live in the Material plane. Arcana is as familiar to Numina as their own heartbeat. Magic courses through their veins, due to their artificial hearts known as Manicurgy Crux. It evolves all aspects of a Numina's former self to better suit it. 

Numina live in the Numena planes and travel through Multiverses seeking forms of magic and god-hood. Upon mastering their Manicurgy Crux, and abilities they cultivate their magic to 

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