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Appends resulting approval ratings to the end of dialogue choices.

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Updated for Patch 6 Hotfix 8 (Hotfix #24)


This mod will append companion's approval ratings to the end of the dialogue lines that trigger the resulting approval rating. Will show whether or not certain companions agree or disagree with your dialogue choice. As this mod just adds it's own localization files, there is no dynamic checking of tags or flags on your character. All shown approval ratings are what CAN come from that dialogue option, but all of them may NOT be applicable to your character based on tags/flags that you may or may not have previously acquired. Rarely, you'll see situations like [Shadowheart 1][Shadowheart -1], that will show possible outcomes, based on tags/flags or success/failure of a dice roll.


Ensure you download the proper language version of the mod. If your game is in a language other than English, find your respective language in the Miscellaneous Files section of the Files tab.

The mod will not work if a different language version from your game client is installed. THIS IS IMPORTANT!

Download the .pak file and drop it into your %LOCALAPPDATA%\Larian Studios\Baldur's Gate 3\Mods folder, whether by dragging and dropping manually, or by importing the mod in bg3mm. DO NOT ACTIVATE the mod in bg3mm, it will mess with your game and lead to not being able to talk to NPC's if you do not have mod fixer installed. Just being in your mods folder is enough.

Overwrites main language localization file.

Known Issues
NPC conversations broken? Leave the mod inactive.