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Doubles the resolution of world map to make it clearer

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I thought the maps and mini maps of the game were blurry/noisy. So I doubled the resolution size of the main worlds maps by running it through waifu2x. Also added a little denoise. Makes quite a big difference in game when zooming in.


1. Download mod 
2. Go to the Data folder inside the installation folder of Baldur's Gate 3
3. Make a backup! (Make sure you can view file extensions. Rename "Minimaps.pak" to "Minimaps.bak")
4. Move "Minimaps.pak" from my mod into the Data folder
5. Done


1. Go to Baldur's Gate and then Data folder
2. Delete "Minimaps.pak"
3. Make sure you can view file extensions. Rename "Minimaps.bak" to "Minimaps.pak". (If you didn't make a backup originally, I included the original file in the optional downloads)
4. Done