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A set of 18 dices with overall magic theme

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A set of 18 dices with overall magic theme

If you like them, check my other dices! 

Don't trust images quality, these are downscaled, also bitrate killed brightness!


- Use Vortex OR BG3 mod manager (I suggest bg3 mod manager) (dices can be placed last in the order)
- Alternatively, drag'n'drop on the mods folder here (the .pak files):
C:\Users\YOURUSERNAME\AppData\Local\Larian Studios\Baldur's Gate 3\Mods

Short 1:17min installation tutorial:

Alternatively for Vortex:
Choose "Mod manager download" and it will work automatically. Or with the manual download, on the vortex with baldur's gate 3 selected, on the left panel go to "Mods" where you'll see your currently installed mods, then top panel, left-most button says "install mod from file" then select the .zip file that contains the dices :) That or you can extract the .zip file and choose what dice/s you want if you won't want them all (.apk files).


- Either go to the mod folder and delete the  .pak file, or delete them using your mod manager.

- BIG humongous thanks to #Anexc for his dice creator tool. Also for the follow ups on the comments (go say thanks to him)
- More big credits to #SeanConnerX0 for his UUIDs dice tool that allowed for each dice to have a unique id (go say thanks to him as well)

If you want to create dices, or use and modify any of mine, dm me or comment and I will gladly send you the .blend (I have saved most of them) and I'll help you however I can :D