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A collection of some of my released and unreleased dices, most with 3d effects

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This pack contains 12 of the dices I created, with 3 of them that I haven't released and didn't plan to publish. More may come in the future:

(don't trust image quality! all of them look crisp ingame)

If you like them, check my other dices!  (there aren't many more... YET, I am working on multiple dices at once, so expect a few more in the upcoming days) If you liked the nature or dragon ones there are multiple versions of both in their respective pages.

The unreleased ones in this pack are the fairy glass dragon, sanguine silver and distorted rainbow. I have more half-done dices and others that I didn't quite like enough to publish, but I might in the future in a similar pack as this one.


- Use Vortex OR BG3 mod manager (I suggest bg3 mod manager) (dices can be placed last in the order)
- Alternatively, drag'n'drop on the mods folder here:
C:\Users\YOURUSERNAME\AppData\Local\Larian Studios\Baldur's Gate 3\Mods

Short 1:17min installation tutorial:


- Either go to the mod folder and delete the  .pak file, or delete them using your mod manager.

- BIG humongous thanks to #Anexc for his dice creator tool. Also for the follow ups on the comments (go say thanks to him)
- More big credits to #SeanConnerX0 for his UUIDs dice tool that allowed for each dice to have a unique id (go say thanks to him as well)

If you want to create dices, or use and modify any of mine, dm me or comment and I will gladly send you the .blend (I have saved most of them) and I'll help you however I can :D