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You can now recruit Minthara while still siding with the Tieflings without having to use magic rings. This mod will make it so defeating her whether at the Goblin Camp or during the Raid does not kill her, and that she returns for you to find at Moonrise. Keep Halsin alive. Party with some Tiefs. Come home at the end of the night to Drow DommyMommy

Permissions and credits
Testing Patch 5 - this mod may not be needed anymore.
Must be installed BEFORE STARTING ACT II
Act 2 starts either when you leave the zone that has the Creche in it to go to Shadowcursed Lands, or if you go up the Elevator at Grymforge. This must be, at the latest, installed before these points.


Install using either Vortex or bg3 Mod Manager
Install bg3 Script Extender
- For script extender, either unblock the dll and put it in your gamedata/bin folder, or install it with bg3 Mod Manager under the tools option

Be warned of:

  • If you have reached Act II this mod WILL NOT WORK. Go use my other one if you still want Minthara. It is impossible to recruit Minthara without summoning her if Act 2 has begun. There is a technical reason for this and I'll explain it in the comments section
  • Also you may want to consider removing my other mod - "Daughter of Lolth - Minthara" if using this. There isn't any point in using both and I haven't fully tested the interactions between the two.
What this mod DOES
  • Makes it so "Knocking Out" Minthara does not end her Journey. Defeat her, and you will see again.
  • You can defeat her either at the Goblin Camp or during the raid. No problem!
  • Prevents Halsin from being immediately KOd
  • Makes sure you get proper quest completion after defeating Minthara
  • Reward you for using it with The Drow Priestess Robe mod from IOCentric (not required)
  • This mod does not leave a body for you to loot, so all of Minthara's equipment can be picked up from the gilded chest behind her in the Goblin Camp.
  • Allows you to keep the Tieflings alive while recruiting Minthara

What this mod DOESN'T
  • Allow you to recruit Minthara if you've already started Act 2 before it was installed.
  • Allow you to recruit Minthara IN Act 1

Also - If you want to recruit Minthara as a full companion in Act I, or romance her at the Tiefling party check out my other mod Daughter of Lolth - Minthara

Minthara FAQ

Best experience?
If you want the best experience with this mod, with the fewest possible bugs, use it with a new playthough and keep it updated. Make sure you complete every Act I area you'd like to before returning.

Minthara is recruitable without losing Karlach and Wyll in a vanilla playthrough.
If you skip the conflict in Act I, you can still get Minthara without losing the other two. You will lose Halsin and the Tieflings though. This is an intended option by Larian and doesn't require this mod

What if I killed Minthara at camp,raid,whatever

It's fine, just as long as you install this mod before starting Act 2.

Do I need to use non-lethal damage?

No - Minthara will automatically flee combat in Act I if her health drops below 30%. You'll next see her at moonrise

I couldn't recruit Minthara during the assault!
You need to visit moonrise before the temple of Shar

Halsin dies if returning to Act I
Sure does

Tieflings die if returning to Act I
Sure do

Minthara didn't disappear or poof when I attacked her!

The mod isn't running. This isn't a mod issue. Make sure your script extender is updated and properly installed.

Do I need the optional logging file?

No. It's optional. It prints logging statements to the console window and is used for troubleshooting issues.

Why is the Priestess Robes required?

They're not. If you have them installed, Minthara will show up to the Moonrise cutscene wearing them. If not, she won't.

Is Minthara romance broken/fixed by this mod?
No and no. The romance is currently bugged in base game. This mod doesn't fix it

Do you need to sleep with Minthara at the Goblin party to romance her?

Can I use the other mod WITH this mod to sex her at th


What about her gear?! I like to use it Act I but she ran away

Duplicate set of gear in the chest that spawns behind her in the Shattered Sanctum. If it's not there, you installed the mod after the chest had already been populated. Nothing to do for that.

Can you make this for [insert character] character?

Which version should I use?!
The latest. Always. Updating the mod is safe. You especially want to be on the latest if you're still in Act I. As soon as you start Act II, things are set into place that cannot be changed, so running the latest version is less critical once Act II starts (but seriously, just update). Whether or not you can recruit Minthara is decided the MOMENT Act II STARTS. If there was any issue at that point in time, then it can't be fixed except by reloading to before the start of Act II

Minthara isn't in the trial scene. What gives?
Either the mod isn't loaded, or you didn't install it before starting Act II.

Will she have her own camping spot?
Depends on the camp. In 1 or 2, she'll have her own separate of Halsin. Otherwise, no.

Can you make her have her own spot?