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Completely change Monk (Way of the Shadow) to act like a Shadow Ninja. New Arts and Spells allow them to keep teleport in and out the battlefield with shadow combo.
- New Mechanics: Combo
- Custom Skill Icons
- and more!

Permissions and credits
When Shadow Monk first come in my sight, I know this will be the class of my first character. However, the way shadow monk designed in game is not what I want, so I create this mod to change it to a more ninja aspect.

This mod has 3 aims:
1. allow shadow monk to use Shadow Step and Cloak of Shadows more often.
2. allow shadow monk to utilize with debuff.
3. find a way to escape form Rogue/thief multiclass, you may also consider using this mod with my Assassin mod Deadly Assassin - a minor rework of Rogue (Assassin).

*Known Issues:
- Triggering Manifestation of Shadow with unarmed attack will applied the damage correctly, but the description of the attack in the tooltip is missing (if weapon attack, the tooltip will show the damage is done by Manifestation of Shadow), instead you will see the necrotic damage is calculated by Wisdom Modifier, currently don't know why this will happen.

- Cloak Of shadow / shadow step may not be enabled even when you move into shadow area, switch to other character and then switch back will solve this problem, this seems to be an issue of vanilla game, will try to look into it later.

- RU has not yet updated after 1.0.6, anybody wish to help is welcome!


1. Finishing Move: Balance now also heal for 1d4+Wis Modifier
2. NEW! Finishing Move: Illusion - +3AC, buff disappeared after you dodge 1 attack.
3. Illusion Strike now only cost a Bonus Action.
1. Manifestation of Shadow will not be triggered by reaction attack anymore.
2. Darkness Sense: Self and Darkness Sense: Resonance is now two seperate spells.

1. Manifestation of Shadow and Shadow Critical no longer need toggle, they just function directly.
2. The implementation method of Manifestation of Shadow has been changed. The effect is still the same, but it will now function after your attack hit. This means, if you use shadow combo to apply Blinded, after the attack hit, Manifestation of Shadow will deal the extra damage. This is a minor buff, and also a fix to make the passive work correctly.
3. All shadow combo status is now using Spell DC, which is 8+prof. + WIS, instead of 10+str/dex, this will be a nerf in early game, but a buff in late game.

1. Darkness Sense is not an Aura anymore. Now it can be selected to cast on self, or cost more KI to also cost on max. 4 allies (as I play with a team of 5). Buff on self last 5 turns and buff on allies last 3 turns. This is to balance the effect of this skills as it is way too strong as an aura. Limited by the coding.


Level 3

- REMOVED! Shadow Arts: Darkvision: 

- Shadow Arts: Pass Without Trace: reduce Ki Cost from 2 to 1.
- Shadow Arts: Darkness: reduce Ki Cost from 2 to 1. It is not concentraction spell anymore.
- Shadow Arts: Silence: reduce Ki Cost from 2 to 1.

- NEW!  Shadow Arts: Darkness Sense: 
Your trained sense allow you to detect surrounding situation in darkness, both magical and nonmagical, and you can share the situation to your allies with the cost of more Ki.

Cost: 1 KI, Bonus Action  (KI Cost: 2/3/4/5  for extra 1/2/3/4 allies)
Duration: 5 Rounds

This is a Devil's Sight Aura, which maybe overpowered if the duration is until long rest, therefore 2 KI cost and limtied duration is used to balance it. This may still a little bit too strong but at least it will not allow your companion to shoot outside the Darkness cloud.

The modified version should be more balance as the buff duration reduced from 10 > 5 turns. And you should spend more ki to give your allies the effect with duration of 3 only. Hope it make the experience more fun!

Level 5

- Shadow Step moved to Level 5.

NEW!  Illusion Strike:
Perform an attack with special movement and create an illusion around you. The illusion grant you AC+3. Whenever you successfully evade an attack, the illusion will disappeare. This effect cannot be stacked.

Cost: 1 KI, 1 Bonus Action
Duration: 1 Round

Just want to give shadow monk some defend skills. It's cost is cheap and the effect just stand for 1 attack.

Level 6

NEW!  Shadow Combo:
Combo that target enemy weakness to apply several status effect then end with a finishing move. If one step is missing, or other actions are performed inbetween, the combo will be ended. Also have unarmed version.

This is the core new mechanism of this mod: Combo. Shadow combo consists of 3 steps:

1. First Strike: deal halved damage, can inflicts Blinded or Bleeding, when successfully hit can use free Second Strike.

2. Second Strike: deal halved damage, can inflicts Poisoned, Acid or Dazed, when successfully hit can use Finishing Move.

3. Finishing Move: Action that costs REACTION

so basically Shadow Combos is 8 different actions that can be used in different combinations, the deatils are as follows:

Shadow Combo - First Strike
- First Strike - Sight: deal havled damage, give Blinded, successfully hit can let you use free Second Strike. Cost 1 KI.
- First Strike - Red: deal havled damage, give Bleeding, successfully hit can let you use free Second Strike. Cost 1 KI.

Shadow Combo - Second Strike
- Second Strike - Poison: deal havled damage, give Poisoned, successfully hit can let you use Finishing Move. FREE unarmed attack, will use Off Hand Attack instead if dual-wielding.
- Second Strike - Corrode: deal havled damage, give Acid, successfully hit can let you use Finishing Move. FREE unarmed attack, will use Off Hand Attack instead if dual-wielding.
- Second Strike - Impulse: deal havled damage, give Dazed, successfully hit can let you use Finishing Move. FREE unarmed attack, will use Off Hand Attack instead if dual-wielding.

Shadow Combo - Finishing Move
Finishing Move - ShadowStep: Shadow Step that cost 1 Reaction.
Finishing Move - Cloak Of Shadows: Cloak Of Shadows that cost 1 Reaction.
- Finishing Move - Balance: Recover 1 KI Points and heal for 1d4+Wis Modifier. Cost 1 Bonus Action and 1 Reaction.
Finishing Move - Illusion: +3AC, dissapeared after you dodge 1 attack, cost 1 Reaction.

Level 7

NEW!  Manifestation of Shadow (Toggle Passive):
Your KI will corrode your target's wound. Every Blinded, Bleeding, Poisoned, Acid or Dazed status on your target will grant your attack extra 1~WIS damage.
Your Ki will corrode your target's wound. If your target has Blined/Bleeding status, they suffer extra WIS necrotic damage. If has Poisoned/Acid/Dazed status, another WIS damage, If has all 5 debuff, another WIS damage.

This passive will let shadow monk synergy with the debuff its inflicts on the target. The new calcuating method just give 3~9 extra Damage to target. I lowered the maximum damage can be dealt by this passive, but removed its ramdomness. This also solved an issue appeared when critical hit occurs.

Level 8

- Shadow Strike:
It now have 3 strikes, can target Same or Different characters. Each strike will deal havled Main Hand Weapon damage + 1d6 Force damage. If successfully hit once, you can use Finishing Move.

This allow Shadow Strike to become part of the Shadow Combo. With this the shadow monk can keep teleporting to different area in the battlefield while killing targets.

Level 11

NEW!  Shadow Critical (Toggle Passive):
Every Blinded, Bleeding, Poisoned, Acid or Dazed status on your target will reduce your attack roll number to critical by 1.

- English
- Traditional Chinese
- Simplified Chinese
- Russian (with the help of Prosto Roman)
- Spanish (with the help of Valgarv)
- Spanish Latin (with the help of Valgarv)

Future Plannings

- Give Rogue Sublass - Assasin an extra Reaction Point, and way to inflict debuff passively.


- Any mod should be compatible unless it change the Shadow Monk subclass. Even it changed the subclass, moving up or down the load order will have one mod effects replace another.


This is a stand .PAK files. Please use either the Vortex Mod Manager or the BG3 Mod Manager and install this mod. 


Remove the mod like you would any other, it shouldn't cause any issues to do so.

My Others Mods

Deadly Assassin - a minor rework of Rogue (Assassin)
Trap Hunter - a complete rework of Ranger (Hunter)

Special Thanks
- BG3 Discord Modding Community!
- VoidVigilante for giving me direction on modding~