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A set of two galaxy nebulas, with and without dice borders.
Optional .blend file and quick instructions to create your own nebula

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A set of two galaxy nebulas, with and without dice borders. 

The 20 faces:

The rolls:


- Use Vortex/BG3 mod manager (can be placed last in order)
- Alternatively, drag'n'drop on the mods folder here:
C:\Users\YOURUSERNAME\AppData\Local\Larian Studios\Baldur's Gate 3\Mods


- Either go to the mod folder and delete the  .pak file, or delete them using your mod manager.

- BIG humongous thanks to #Anexc for his dice creator tool. Also for the follow ups on the comments (go say thanks to him). He also jumped in a call with me for hours to help me out. BIG THANKS! <3
- More big credits to #SeanConnerX0 for his UUIDs dice tool that allowed for each dice to have a unique id (go say thanks to him as well)

If you like weird and special dices, check out my other dice mods!

If you want to add roll animations to your dices, check this 2min tutorial!

I added the .blend file, that you can drop inside Anexc dice tool creator, and you'll see my nebula dice inside. You can edit the lights, add remove, change colors etc... Or click on the "sphere" object, then go to the shaders window and mess with the settings to adjust the smoke turbulence/density etc... The renders will come out with black background, because transparent renders with volumetrics simply won't work as intended. You should then edit the transparency in other image editing tools (color range won't look good tho).

Here's a quick short 1min video on how to correctly apply the transparency to nebula dices on photoshop, look at the shortcuts! (up arrow is shift):

Another quick 1:30 vid if you're new to blender, on how to edit this nebula (super easy):

Feel free to upload your own nebula/smoke/fire dices! (credits are appreciated)