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Adds additional feats into the game such as Crossbow Expert, Polearm Master, Sentinel and Telekinesis. Also adds missing functionality to existing feats

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Working on Patch 9!

Since making a feat mod and noticing no-one else was working on one, I thought I would get out some more feats as the current selection is pretty lacklustre and I like some of the feats added in Tasha's Cauldron of Everything. After weeks of working on this, with most of that time working on Polearm Master, I'm happy how it's all come together.

New Feats:

Alert - You get the initiative bonus and disadvantage to counter advantage to sneaking targets.

Charger - As Shove is already a bonus action, you can Shove by charging. If you charge through an enemy, they are moved away from the target point.

Crossbow Expert - Now works 100% RAW (you need to be wielding a hand crossbow for the bonus action). You get advantage to counter the "Threatened" disadvantage given by Larian. Unfortunately, multiple instances of advantage do not stack! At least they added support for short-range crossbow attacks.

- Now works for all weapon attacks with the bludgeoning type.

Durable - Since hit dice isn't rolled during a short rest, I've increased the amount healed during the short rest instead.

Eldritch Adept - Works for everyone, no spellcaster requirement

Fey Touched - Misty Step can be cast once a day using a level 1 spell slot. The 2nd level spell has a Warlock version. You also learn an additional Divination/Enchantment spell.

Fighting Initiate - Select an additional fighting style.

Gift of the Chromatic Dragon - Both Chromatic Infusion and Reactive Resistance are fully implemented. Reactive Resistance was tricky, you get resistance until you reach the instances equal to your current proficiency bonus. Some attacks like Scorching Ray will do the damage all at once (instead of only resisting part of the attack), and will trigger multiple instances of damage.

Healer - The heal-to-1 effect is already given to everyone and I didn't want to take away any existing features. As Healer kits don't exist, it's a free spell that can't be cast on the same target more than once per day, which is already pretty powerful.

Inspiring Leader - Gives 5 temp hit points instead of charisma mod + level as you cannot reference the caster's level.

Medium Armor Master - Negates the Stealth disadvantage if wearing Scale/Half Plate, and boosts AC if you have enough Dex.

Metamagic Adept - Works for everyone, no spellcaster requirement

Polearm Master - The Polearm AOO needs to be toggled on first, which checks if you have a valid weapon with the "Reach" type. Spears/quarterstaffs are now supported, meaning you can make Gale a Polearm Master. The bonus action changes the weapon damage die to d4 temporarily, then does the damage (which is why there is a delay between attack and damage).

Resilient - Very useful for casters who do not already have proficiency in constitution saving throws.

Ritual Caster (requires 5e Spells) - This was partly brought over from my previous mod Ritual Spells. Requires the spells only available in 5e Spells to use.

Sentinel - I don't like the speed to 0 effect stacking with Polearm Master, but yes this stacks correctly with Polearm Master. I've changed the disengage effect so that it only works for enemies if you don't have the Sentinel Feat. The melee reaction attack is working correctly and should stack with multiple Sentinels attacking the same target.

Shadow Touched - Basically the same as Fey Touched but the spells are changed.

Sharpshooter - I've increased the casting range of all ranged attacks, and added advantage once the target gets out of the standard 18m range. It's an imperfect solution however, as the measurements aren't exact, and multiple instances of advantage do not stack! Since Larian broke my previous implementation, they would need to add a solution in the source code, similar to Crossbow Expert.

Slasher - Now works for all weapon attacks with the slashing type.

Telekinetic - This is so much fun, but not very useful. The pull effect doesn't have a good preview but the target is still moved towards you (see the screenshots)

War Caster - It is difficult to confirm if the concentration check is taken at advantage but with some tests it seems to be consistent and impacts all Constitution saving throws. Instead of selecting a Spell you attack with a 1d8 Force damage spell currently, otherwise there would need to be a Spell selector/case handled for each potential Spell. Whilst this would be possible, it would be very tedious for every possibility.

Fixed Feats:

Defensive Duelist now scales with Proficiency, but a mod would need to increase proficiency. - Is now a reaction that scales with proficiency.

Dual Wielder now only gives the AC bonus if you're wielding 2 melee weapons - Fixed by Larian.

GWM was mostly fixed in patch 3. The bonus action can only be granted on your turn and I added the visual status to determine if you're using a valid heavy weapon.

Mobile now counters Attack of Opportunity - Fixed by Larian

Shield Master has an additional "Shove" that gives you +2/10% extra chance to Shove, considering that Shove is already a Bonus Action.

Where is...:

War Caster - Not possible in the current reaction system, but looking at replacements.

Gift of the ... Dragon - Next on the list.

Piercer (Tasha's Cauldron of Everything) - This could be added as a reaction

Racial Feats - Not currently possible to limit feats by race, but Lostsoul has done quite a few -

Skill Expert - Expertise is supported for class levels, but not for feats.

Spell Sniper - Currently on hold, may make up a future mod.

Tavern Brawler - Whilst I can make it different and interesting I want to stick to useful feats that keep to their tabletop implementation.

Installation instructions (if you only want to install this and no other mods - otherwise use a mod manager, I've added support for Candor):

Add .pak file to %LOCALAPPDATA%\Larian Studios\Baldur's Gate 3\Mods

Then in %LOCALAPPDATA%\Larian Studios\Baldur's Gate 3\PlayerProfiles\Public\modsettings.lsx edit the file in notepad to the following:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
    <version major="4" minor="0" revision="0" build="55"/>
    <region id="ModuleSettings">
        <node id="root">
                <node id="Mods">
                        <node id="ModuleShortDesc">
                            <attribute id="Folder" type="LSString" value="Gustav"/>
                            <attribute id="MD5" type="LSString" value=""/>
                            <attribute id="Name" type="LSString" value="Gustav"/>
                            <attribute id="UUID" type="FixedString" value="991c9c7a-fb80-40cb-8f0d-b92d4e80e9b1"/>
                            <attribute id="Version64" type="int64" value="36028797018963968"/>
                        <node id="ModuleShortDesc">
                            <attribute id="Folder" type="LSWString" value="MoreFeats"/>
                            <attribute id="MD5" type="LSString" value=""/>
                            <attribute id="Name" type="FixedString" value="MoreFeats"/>
                            <attribute id="UUID" type="FixedString" value="2be1558b-f5d1-4ab1-b85a-deeeeeeeeeee"/>
                            <attribute id="Version" type="int32" value="1"/>



Designed to work in tandem with as many mods as possible. Quite a few of the class mods use feats to replace class features, and feats can be added into the game without causing any clashes.

As there are some changes to Attack of Opportunity, disengaging and short rest calculations, any other mod that does the same will cause conflicts.